Raw Fusion Living by Linda Joy Rose, Ph.D.

This book is part of Dr.l LJ’s Natural Wellness Series


Are you embarking on a journey …

… to embrace a healthier diet but finding yourself bewildered by the influx of new ideas, ingredients, and kitchen gadgets?

Allow me to introduce you to a valuable resource – this book, your gateway to becoming a Raw Fusion Enthusiast.


In the realm of culinary wellness, Raw Fusion embodies an extraordinary degree of flexibility and variation. Dr. LJ, our guiding light, underscores this theme in the Introduction (p. xvi).

By adopting this raw fusion lifestyle, you’re not only providing your gut with a wellness boost but also inviting diversity into your diet.


Now, what exactly is a Raw Fusion Enthusiast?

It’s someone who gracefully transitions from an exclusively cooked food diet to a harmonious blend of cooked and raw foods, all in the name of nurturing a healthier gut.

Not that your gut is inherently ailing, but if you yearn to fortify it and maintain vibrant health, this book is your steadfast ally.


Getting started

It couldn’t be more approachable. Begin with the simplest of steps, like incorporating nutritious smoothies into your daily routine.

Or take the plunge into the world of homemade nut milks, an exploration that promises culinary creativity and wholesome nourishment.

Delve deeper into your culinary journey by experimenting with food dehydration and cultivating sprouts.

You might even find yourself equipped to offer invaluable guidance to others seeking the transformative wisdom you’ll glean from the pages of this book.

It’s a comprehensive guide that opens doors to a myriad of ways you can revitalize your gut and, ultimately, your overall well-being.


**About Natural Wellness Academy Coaching:
The online training academy was founded by Dr. LindaJoy Rose, a Natural Wellness Expert, author, and therapist with more than 25 years of experience in the field of hypnotherapy, power of suggestion, subconscious dynamics, and childhood trauma.                                                                           

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