Navigating the World of Colloidal Silver and Copper: Decoding the Language of Health Supplements

Meanings Matter

A few months ago, my quest for colloidal silver led me down a path of curiosity about maintaining my excellent health. Intriguingly, the company with the best Colloidal Silver also offered Colloidal Copper, a new discovery for me. Initially dismissing it due to unfamiliarity, I pondered the often-confusing language used when discussing health products. Was I alone in finding the terminology perplexing?

Finally, I decided to demystify these terms often thrown around in the health world. I sought clarity on words such as Bio-Active, Colloidal, Hydrosol, Natural immunogenics, Trace mineral, Nano particles, Pharmaceutical grade water, and Nonionic—terms seemingly understood only by professional medical practitioners.

Colloidal Silver, once sounding like a form of currency, captured my attention through a video by Billy Carson of Despite initial skepticism, I began using it topically, realizing its benefits in bug bite treatments and as a facial toner. When I ingested it, I was not a fan of the way it affected the taste of some foods.

Recently, I stumbled upon Colloidal Copper, spurred by a video addressing health concerns like aneurysms, saggy skin, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids, especially relevant for seniors. Delving into its benefits, I discovered that copper is a vital mineral for various bodily functions, including energy production, connective tissues, blood vessels, and brain development.

As I explored further, I found that copper is naturally present in foods like beef liver, shellfish, nuts, seeds, chocolate, and whole-grain products. However, certain groups may struggle to obtain sufficient copper, emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet.

Crucially, a proper zinc and copper ratio is essential for optimal function. Taking note of this balance is vital, as excessive zinc intake can interfere with copper absorption, leading to potential deficiencies.

For Starters … look at these

To make sense of the health jargon encountered during my exploration, I compiled a list of definitions:
Bio-Active:   Having a biological effect on living organisms, tissues, or cells.
Colloidal:   A finely divided substance scattered throughout another substance, often water in this context.
Hydrosol:   Water-based products derived from the distillation of plant matter, capturing water-soluble components.
Natural immunogenics:   Refers to a corporation dedicated to health freedom principles.
Trace mineral:   Minerals required in small amounts for bodily functions.
Nano particles:   Extremely small particles with unique properties compared to larger counterparts.
Pharmaceutical grade water:   Highly purified water free from contaminants.
Nonionic:   Not ionic, not dependent on a surface-active anion for effect.

Understanding these terms is crucial when exploring the world of health supplements. The knowledge gained empowers individuals to make informed choices for maintaining a healthy body.

Know what you are taking at all times.

Here is a link about the Colloidal Copper that got me to thinking and writing this post. I hope you enjoy it!

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