Not All CBD is Created Equal

I was recently invited to a CBD Tasting. I thought that sounded so cool. For a change a new take on a great product sweeping the nation, right? Off we go, as this lady who I had never met, gave me a ride to the meeting. My neighbor brought us together via phone calls. I was told that she was […]

Random Drug Test and More

There is no valid reason to fear CBD oil. In most cases the fear is based on past villainous views of stoners depicted to us by authority figures to keep us in line. It was a bad thing to do and only bad people smoked cannabis. It was associated with pill popping, needle drugs and the ever present and accepted […]

No Grapefruit For You?

Do you wonder about CBD and your current medications? Well, I certainly hope so. It’s your body. Guard it well … only because those meds that you take from Big Pharma do not play well with some things like CBD/THC. Unfortunately, your need for medications due to heart conditions or diabetes is why you struggle as it is. Those issues […]

Bio Medical Center

Medical clinic in Tijuana, Mexico Address: Av Gral Ferreira 3170, Madero Sur, 22046 Tijuana, B.C., MexicoPhone: +52 664 684 9011 What’s so important about this page. People are given a chance to survive cancer in every stage it comes in. Please take a look at their website and if you are suffering from any cancer or if you know anyone who […]

Kangen Water by Enagic

It was February of 2010. I was at the annual horse show in Pomona, CA. I, Mrs. Conaway – was there to see the Gypsy Vanner horses. Once that thrill was done, I wandered over to the pavilion to look at all the horsie saddles, balms and whatever else was for sale. It was like a swapmeet – high end […]