Fighting The Wrong Drug War

Choices my dears, choices! We’ve had choices for as long as people existed, thank you Lord! We have highly potent doctor prescribed drugs that will knock you off your feet and people are swallowing and shooting these drugs with no complaint. Oddly enough, I hated anything that would make me “out of it.” Alcohol, pills, pot, prescription (first time was […]

Are You a Safety Hazard on The Job?

Right up front let’s take care of the Transportation industry employees. You are subject to random drug testing no matter what and, in some cases may be fired or not hired for refusing. Are you at risk of losing your job because you used Cannabis to manage pain? That leaves a lot more people who may not understand how it […]

Certification is Everything!

Dear Readers, Today in the world of Cannabis, there is a lot of new snake oil sales going on. People are so grossly misinformed and selling to make a buck and not realizing the danger they present. Not that making a buck is wrong but doing it without knowing the challenges you face is scary. Like, when you tell someone […]

To Titrate or Not to Titrate?

It’s mind boggling to Mrs. Conaway why science has to use such pesky names for everyday little things like adjusting or trying out a little bit at a time. TITRATE: MEDICINE: Continuously measure and adjust the balance of (a physiological function or drug dosage). That’s the Dictionary definition. When I listen to people speak and they use the word titrate […]

The Short Version of What is CBD?

Dear Readers, Because there are so many excellent articles and publications regarding the CBD/THC names, strengths, strains and so on, I feel it necessary to help clear up the confusion. Below you will see my condensed version of what I have learned. CBD is short for cannabinoid – a compound of the cannabis sativa plant. It has 32 molecules. THC […]

Is it Really Organic?

While everyone is buying CBD oils/tinctures and thinking they are getting certified organic oil, they are sadly mistaken. Being the reading researcher that I am … I found an article that supported what a new acquaintance told me about farming. There is a thing called the official USDA seal. It turns out there is a difference that matters. It’s the […]

The TSA Says Yes!

Today, May 27th The TSA approved cannabis containing epilepsy drug for flights! That’s awesome news for people who struggle and could not previously take this supplement with them. Of course, there are “special Instructions” but hey – this is a big step. The new guidelines state that , products/medications that contain hemp-derived CBD or are approved by the FDA are […]

Get The Soap Facts

Vintage Alley Kat post from a few years ago. Many moons ago Alley Kat decided to go healthy. Her new friend HannaKat had introduced her to alkaline water. The Enagic saga began but this isn’t about water. It’s about a product that involves water and Alley Kat figures that if she thinks it’s helpful to herself then it must also […]

Wisdom in Seniors Includes Cannabis

When browsing the internet to learn what I could about senior use of cannabis, an article popped up detailing how our senior citizens are swarming to embrace the CBD craze. Being that it’s an important thing to take note of, my thought was, let’s look at why. For starters, we will all be in the senior citizen category God willing […]