There is More Than One Way to Have Your Weed

You do not have to be a marijuana smoker or user of medical marijuana to know that some methods of delivery are better than others or to know that you are not stuck with one just because you started out with that one.

Breakdown of the Certificate of Analysis

Dear Reader, It’s important to know that your product has a Certificate of Analysis for the simple reason that it makes you feel safe. Note that it makes you feel safe … not that you are safe from bad stuff in your hemp/marijuana product. As a food product, the irony here is that these tests are on the product not the […]

JOY Organics … Mrs. Conaway’s Opinion!

Dear Reader, One question that is on the mind of most everyone I see looking at CBD in Facebook and Instagram or even Twitter is this … which is the best? One way to determine that is by asking who makes the CBD they are selling. The better ones are sold directly by the company that makes the product. The […]


Mrs. Conaway came upon a most interesting article and why was it so interesting? Because anytime she finds something that includes the alteration of cannabis to fit a pharmaceutical need … there is room for concern. The article to which she is referring involves a lot of unfamiliar words. Therefore, Mrs. Conaway has taken it upon herself to compile a […]

Los Angeles Natural Health Zion Medicinals Review

Dear Reader, As a cannabis coach, Mrs. Conaway has a lot of CBD products and creators cross her path. One came by a while ago but since she was so busy, she didn’t have an opportunity to look into it, but oh, the name … she liked the name! So time passed and finally she visited the link. Mrs. Conaway […]

What the USDA Has to Say

Dear Reader, Mrs. Conaway came across this news a few months ago … maybe in June. Anyway, after reading it she wondered why it’s not being talked about and so upon revisiting the article here is her take on it. The first time Mrs. Conaway saw an article on this was titled … THE USDA LEGALIZED THC – BUT NO […]

Unscrupulous Vendors – Are You One?

Dear Reader … Have you heard that CVS is going to carry CBD in it’s stores? It’s sort of been spoken of in laughing tones. Who in their healthy mind would buy CBD from a drug store? The unknowing and vulnerable to the hype… that’s who. And while some look down on anyone who buys CBD in a drug store […]

You Can Find Your Cannabis Strain!

As a footnote to this interesting company, you have an Endocannabinoid System in your body that you are born with. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for you to also be able to learn which strain works in complete harmony with your ECS.

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Dear Readers, I would like to share something I read this week that surprised me not because it was new although I did not know it had a name. Way back when we first learned about the Endocannabinoid system, we learned that if you abuse it with too much cannabis, it can shut down. Well, Mrs. Conaway is convinced that […]

The LowDown on CBD Concentrates

Thank you to for posting this excellent article, “Part 1, What Are Cannabis Concentrates, Oils, and Extracts?” which I will now elaborate upon. As a non-consumer of flower (Mrs. Conaway does not smoke pot … yet) its very important that we share the value of knowing more than just about recreational uses of cannabis otherwise known as pot, ganga, […]