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Mrs. Conaway here to share something I believe you will find fascinating! All of you are familiar with DNA and the testing it does to discover your ancestral lines in the family, right? Well, here is a new take on that which is absolutely cool.

Nothing is more fun than the twists and turns in research which result it great things to know or to do. Well, although Mrs. Conaway is a fan of many things, she’s not too cool on DNA sampling ever since the big Pharma companies have snapped up a few of the companies.

Not everyone feels like she does, so I’ll share with you a new and very interesting way to enjoy your cannabis. You simply submit your DNA and you will get in return the profile of the cannabis that is unique for you to enjoy and benefit from the use of it.


A company has come up with a way to help you avoid the wrong choice in the strain of cannabis you use. How simply easy to avoid a negative and unpleasant event or to find its ineffective on you but works great on your buddy? Wouldn’t you like to take advantage of that experience and know you are using the best cannabis strain for YOU? Dear Reader, of course you would!

This post is happening simply because safety is my utmost concern for the people who turn to cannabis for pain management and for enjoyment although that’s less important to me, I know my people love it and so to help everyone to be the best cannabis user of any type of cannabis, this is for you.

Allow me to highlight some of the amazing cool things for you in case you are too busy to access their website:

       A Strain Genie test kit is available for your DNA sample

       Raw data from 23andMe or Ancestry can be uploaded

       They have a Strain Genie blog

You can check out a sample report to see what you’d be receiving

Sign up for their cannabis science monthly emails

If you aren’t sure where to get your recommended cannabis, they have a WoahStork service to make that possible although, for now the delivery service is only available in California. You can contact them for more information.

Worth noting for those who are looking for CBD cartridges with no THC you can find it here under and this makes a difference for those who are under any drug screening rules in the workplace. Mrs. Conaway will be adding this product soon to her Los Angeles Natural Health Emporium.

As a footnote to this interesting company, you have an Endocannabinoid System in your body that you are born with. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for you to also be able to learn which strain works in complete harmony with your ECS.

Think about it. Look at this amazing opportunity here …

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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