The question is why should it be free? Do you do your work for free? Many people feel that they deserve a free consultation just because someone else offers it for free too.The idiocy of this kind of thinking is this … no one values free.

Your body deserves the best attention you can give it otherwise, Mrs. Conaway wonders why you are here? If your body is not of prime importance to you, then by all means please leave and go get the free you believe you deserve.

Do you often see the high priced cars parked with the lower end cars? No. Why not? Because they want it to have the best care and park it where it is the safest using a valet. Do you carry your diamond ring in your bag like loose change? No, you store it safely when not in use.

But you expect to get free health advice and think it will make a difference? Stuff you can easily find on the internet? Chances are that you will ignore the advice given and seek out another free session to see if this one will tell you what you want to hear – not what you need to know.

Tips, guides to narrow down the choices, explanations of dis-eases, learning about how to do or what to do are all valuable facts available for free. However, without a coach or doctor to actually assist you in implementing your health regimen, you will be like a person who teaches himself to drive with no teacher at all. You will certainly have accidents, setbacks, wasted costs on things that were unnecessary and the list goes on.

I paid a lot of money to learn how to help people and like everyone else, I want to compensated for my time spent making you healthy. Is your time inexpensive? I am not a minimum wage cannabis health coach. I am prime cannabis health coach. My teachers are the best in the world and I will not squander their teaching and training on people who don’t care about their health enough to seek out the best. Do the math and you will see that you are getting so much more than you are being billed for. And to see the results of beautiful health, I am happy with what I feel is a fair price.

No government entity will compensate me with a kickback so you can enjoy a lower rate. No doctor so far in America will help you manage your pain or health with cannabis at the rate I am charging. If you don’t believe me go and search. Most of the time the free or super low cost consult leads to open ended answers that do not define your needs until you pass some cash over and then you get the real results.

Check this out. I have a few charity cases. In one case, it’s working out fine. In another, we’ve hit a roadblock. Cannabis is not the answer for everyone. Keep that in mind. We’ve been at it for a good 3 months trying to find the correct way to manage the health of this person but it just is not happening. We cannot understand why and may never know. I have my not too wild guess but I cannot say what it is out of concern for the clients insistence that it exists.

For the record … the INITIAL CONSULT is free! In this Initial Consult we make the determination if this is a good fit for you. Now, what does that mean? Well the outcome should be an agreement between us that you will work diligently, honestly and as thoroughly as you can to get your health up to speed.

This means once we agree and you pay the cost your first step will be to fill out and return the NUTRI BODY QUESTIONNAIRE. This is IMPERATIVE! Without making a start in turning your nutritional health into a prime condition, how will you ever have optimal absorption of the cannabis? Every effort on both parts of the deal must be engaged.

To wrap this up, let me say this … the INITIAL CONSULT is free so that Mrs. Conaway does not separate you from your hard earned money only to find out that we are not a good fit for your health. I am so happy you appreciate that important point.

We do look forward to speaking with you and please note that you will be given some helpful information even though you decline to use our service. If you do engage and we begin the process of reclaiming your health, you will have the tools for healthy living for the rest of your life. Remember that.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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