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Mrs. Conaway came across this news a few months ago … maybe in June. Anyway, after reading it she wondered why it’s not being talked about and so upon revisiting the article here is her take on it.

The first time Mrs. Conaway saw an article on this was titled … THE USDA LEGALIZED THC – BUT NO ONE NOTICED.

W H A T T T T ? ? ?

The US Department of Agriculture is sort of the enacting arm of the government with regards to the transportation and regulation of the amounts of THC in the plant.

This article is a hoot! When you read it, you will know what I mean and I will leave the links in the bottom of the post.

I won’t drag it out but suffice to say today is this …

Mark Singleton who is the owner of Singleton Investments says, “This removes the argument of .3% THC.” He is referring to the designation that hemp-derived CBD is legal as long as there is less than .3% THC. If hemp THC is legal then it doesn’t matter whether it is .3% or not.”

What is he talking about you say? He is saying that cannabis plants have buds/flowers. These can have high THC levels. Hemp as in let’s say the industrial type which is extremely low in THC. These plants which are like fraternal twins – similar but different enough in uses. They both can have their THC levels altered down the road to contain more or less THC/CBD.

The way they determined what is an acceptable level of THC is from a study conducted to find out what level of THC could make you high. 0.3% was determined to be that number. Some people needed more some needed less. No specific determining factor is linked to the amount other than it was a median number in the study via observation. Not very scientific.

Key to note: “If hemp-derived THC is now legal and can cross state lines, it will be close to impossible for law enforcement to determine the difference between cannabis-derived THC and hemp-derived THC. This USDA bulletin could have effectively descheduled cannabis. Singleton believes Congress will be forced to act quickly to legalize cannabis since the USDA has jumped the gun.”

Have a HalfLit lollipop or a joint as you read and enjoy the fun!

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