Los Angeles Natural Health is giving YOU a FREE Nutri Body Analysis with your . Mrs. Conaway is of the idea that superb health is only possible through your diet. This free analysis will tell YOU what your diet needs to have added or removed so that the CBD, THC or a combination of both topicals can be used with as much absorption as possible.

Here we go. The plan, the goal, the vision here is to equip YOU, the client, with the tools YOU need to manage your health. Why would YOU want to manage your health? Because YOU are the only one who knows what is truly going on and what YOU want changed.

We help YOU to gain control of your health with an honest discussion on both sides. YOU know what is giving YOU problems. WE can help YOU by going in deep to uncover as much as necessary to raise your health to the highest level possible. We want to be aware of your doctor’s input if you have a doctor and we welcome that.

If you do not have a doctor, we will still come to a conclusion for YOU that will help YOU in your pursuit of health and wellness. Our purpose is to fully Engage with YOU and not cut YOU off from your present programs.

YOU are composed of the mind, body and emotional/spiritual planes. Each one reacts in a ripple effect from the impacts of living. Whether it is good, bad, happy, sad, physical, mental, and on … your body is vulnerable to it’s weaknesses in it’s parts. What parts you ask? Your body systems … your circulation, digestion, bones, muscles, nerves and more. 11 body systems in all.

Remove from your mind the hopeless words YOU have been given by scary television ads, mail that shows scary ads about your health, superstitious rumors of other folks problems and things like that. YOU must not judge your health by the maladies of other people. Your unique health is not the same as theirs.

It may be that YOU are on all natural protocols or that YOU are using a combination of natural and prescription medicine. Or YOU may not be using anything because YOU haven’t needed to.

Keep in mind this very important note: Mrs. Conaway does not in any way support or promote the use of recreational cannabis here on Los Angeles Natural Health.

Time doesn’t stop to wait for YOU. Contact Mrs. Conaway immediately and set up that initial call . YOU will have the facts to impact your health and lifestyle like never before … ok?

Remember, Everyone Has Something That Can Be Helped Using Nutrition.

We will work with YOU for the future of your health.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway



Contact: >>> 833-LANHMMJ

To make contact with Mrs. Conaway, please submit your contact information and she will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Your information is kept private and will not be leaked, loaned, shared, or God forbid … sold to anyone at all ever!

Plus, the added benefit of giving Mrs. Conaway your best contact email address is YOU will receive immediate updates, offers and maybe free gifts!

Certified Cannabis Health Coach

Nutri Body Analysis Consultant

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