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Have you heard that CVS is going to carry CBD in it’s stores? It’s sort of been spoken of in laughing tones. Who in their healthy mind would buy CBD from a drug store? The unknowing and vulnerable to the hype… that’s who. And while some look down on anyone who buys CBD in a drug store they need to remember this … no matter where you buy it, sell it or use it, you run the risk of the FDA wrath.

Mrs. Conaway believes that the FDA is fearful of losing control since their failure and ability to create sweeping and encompassing regulations for us to adhere to is choking them and so they are nitpicking.

Some background is in order. The FDA is still monitoring the CBD craze with an eagle eye. Anything you say or make claims to say with regard to health is suspect. Why? My wild guess is Big Pharma is on their tail to drag the Sacred Plant and its compounds to the trash heap and deprive us of the easy access we so desire to have.

In a letter to Curaleaf, the FDA states that based on available evidence their C BD products are excluded from status as a dietary supplement by definition. The letter to Curaleaf says that items listed on their website are … WAIT! Let me just copy and paste it here …

In the letter, the FDA referred to CuraLeaf products as “unapproved and misbranded human drugs products.” They stated that various items listed for sale on their website are considered “drugs under section 201(g)(1) of the FD&C Act, 21 U.S.C. 321(g)(1), because they are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease and/or intended to affect the structure or any function of the body.”

“Some of the noted medical claims include using a CBD vape pen for chronic pain and inflammation, and using CBD oil for anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other mental health disorders. Let it be known that these warnings were in reference to both products that were for sale, as well as articles on the company’s blog. To find these claims, the FDA looked Curaeaf’s company website and all of their social media accounts.”

The FDA also is attacking their pet CBD as erroneous due to the failure to satisfy pet drug safety due to lack of scientific training and experience to evaluate safety and effectiveness yada yada yada …

The bottom line is this … it is important to market and share your views and efficacy of CBD with the public using the utmost documented care. The FDA is continuing to call CBD a drug and treating it as if it’s still on the Schedule 1 table. The problem is that although it’s been allowed for growing, it’s not been properly vetted to be sold as an alternative to medicine and therefore, still falls under a drug moniker. The FDA is saying the legal application to test, evaluate and bring it to market has to be done according to their requirements. The legal part of CBD is it MUST CONTAIN ONLY 0.3% PER DRY WEIGHT of THC.

Keep in mind that CBD is sold in states according to their rules and regulations. Federal law is another story and the FDA is really in a struggle to keep up with the attacks on producers, processors and end users.

VIOLATIONS. That is the way the FDA is attacking big companies like Curaleaf. They are a fine company and the FDA is splitting hairs in dissecting their website and social media statements. This could happen to you and my admonition is this … be extremely careful when making claims. Have the testing, testimony and outright great product you are promoting available and configured to keep you in the clear. It’s bad enough that advertising is hard for us, being sloppy about it helps no one and gives the FDA and Big Pharma ammunition to shut us down.

Here’s the link to read it yourself.

Until Cannabis is 100% legal, protect yourself with regard to making claims and if necessary, consult a lawyer who works in the industry.

There is some conflict about he legality of THC. Keep in touch and read “What the USDA Has to Say.”

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