You do not have to be a marijuana smoker or user of medical marijuana to know that some methods of delivery are better than others or to know that you are not stuck with one just because you started out with that one.

Modern joint aka PreRoll

The news is filled with stories of people dying from marijuana. What they fail to tell in their stories is that if the people had used legal, lab tested regulated medical cannabis the deaths could be avoided.

Instead, counterfeit weed designed to look and resemble the safer legal legitimate product is packed with fillers that have chemicals and toxins which create the sickness or death. In an effort to save money or acquire it in states where its illegal, people are putting their health at risk.

Medical marijuana is not going to go away. In fact, the danger is that Big Pharma will try to take over the industry and manage to use it for their advantage and not for the people.

People dislike regulation and in many cases the overreach of government entities is disgusting but in this case, keeping the plant available for health is important. What I am referring to is the use of ruined, dirty, pollutied, toxic contaminated weed that people are unknowlingly using to relieve pain, stress and dis-ease in their life.

Many people don’t have the time, space or knowledge to grow their own weed safely and they depend on suppliers to keep it coming. This however, can cause problems when unscrupulous villains who are out to scam you manage to rip you off. Since as a health product, it’s fairly new, most people have to trust the seller. It’s not just sitting on a shelph somewhere waiting for you to read the list of product do’s and dont’s.

Moldy Marijuana

If you are familiar with the knowledge of good and bad weed, be nice and educate other people … if they are willing to listen … and tell them how to be aware of what they are buying. If they aren’t sure then encourage them to spend a little more and go to a proper dispensary and not one that just popped up on the corner recently.

I honestly cannot stress how important this plant, Cannabis Sativa, will be to the coming generations with regard to maintaining health.

Most people only know that it can be smoked. They want to use the new vaporizers. I wish someone would give classes so that people could learn how to use the hundreds of appliances out there. The creators of these tools have no idea how confusing they look to the newbie.

New tools pop up all the time and out of fear, people revert to what they always know and trust and we all trust using a joint. And, new forms of weed for both recreation and medical use are popping up too.

Vape in pens, pipes, bongs etc, are the current hot product for people. Outside of the joint we are all familiar with – no matter how much you tell them that they can get more bang for their buck using a vaporizer, they don’t. It takes knowing what the burning points in the vaporizer are. The seller at the dispensary rarely take time to educate.

So few people know that a patch is as efficient as a brownie. No one tells them because we tend to share what we are familiar with. People can’t bake a cake or boil water so for sure, they aren’t making canna butters and cannabis candy or brownies. So you know, these take longer to kick in and when they do, they last longer so they are best just before going to bed.

Fact: Vaping legal stable bona fide weed is fast acting. It goes to the bloodstream fast. The downside is it doesn’t last long.

Keep in mind that you are using it as a patient therefore, titrating is important. Start slow and low and monitor your reaction. Unfortunately, this is not acceptable when you are in pain. So, I suggest practicing while you are healthy and with minor aches the minute you see them beginning to worsen. If you are in a legal stat, why wait?

Fact: Edibles generally have sugar so if you have diabetes or any sort of metabolic syndrome, this may not be an option for you. As it travels through the liver, which can be up to a few hours before you feel anything, be aware of that. Do not overeat or you will be out of luck. Not that sleep is bad and if it’s what you want, overeating may work. But for medicinal type use, give your edible time to digest and work.

Fact: Full extract/RSO/FECO is powerful and used for epilepsy, cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, autism, cancer and neurological disorders. It is not easily available and great care must be taken in obtaining it simply because in my opinion … it’s a life-giving, life-saving tool.

Since most people love variety and in America we thrive on trying out new things from jeans to bras – from sushi to tacos – we will do the same with medical marijuana. We will do the same with the tools available to use the medical marijuana.

Take it from one who was so anti-marijuana for all of my life until June of 2018, it’s important that you know what you are doing, buy from reputable dispensaries or people who you know grow safe plants. Let’s work together to keep this wonderful medicine available and then people like my father who passed away from brain cancer don’t have to die early.

Recently, I was tested in my job because I am a driver and under random drug screening. Apparently, I passed. I use a CBD hemp oil daily. I take that risk because I can’t replace health like I can a job. My use is for health maintenance. I have nothing wrong but if I did I can tell you I wouldn’t hesitate to use stronger products in any way I could.

Someday, when I retire and I can stay at home, I will definitely use it recreationally in the safety of my home to finally learn what all the fuss is about. Until that day, I am only interested in telling you about the medical uses of marijuana.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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