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How happily you may have watched what seemed to be glorious events this election season regarding legalization of marijuana. Hold on a moment!

Mrs. Conaway has come out of her long sabbatical from posts to update you on what is really happening in the world of legalizing marijuana.

Let’s begin with each state that passed a law of some type. First – Arizona .  As of May 2019, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled some edible products as legal. And, they also allowed some appliances such as vape pens to be legal. The medium of choice in weed products such as wax, shatter, etc. also passed those glory chambers.  Oh, the joys of recreational marijuana just bypass Mrs. Conaway. There is no indulgence on her part over there.

For the coming year in Arizona, you now can carry up to an ounce for adults over 21.

You can also be licensed for retail sales. Your formerly dirty records can be expunged. Imagine that? No longer a sinner by decree of the courts … Mrs. Conaway has in the past been known to disdain stoners but not since June of 2018. Medical marijuana now has it’s compatriot, recreational marijuana to frolic with in Arizona.

On the east coast things are as bad as ever no matter what the people want.   Over in that great state of New Jersey, the over 21 adult types can now possess, sell and use marijuana. On January 11, 2010 and January 18, 2010 the legislature and the Governor of New Jersey, respectively passed legislation for allowing medical marijuana. Pretty good for so long ago.

What is the holdup today? Even if the people will it, the laws must enable its use. Until the legal beagles give the ok you cannot roll down the boulevard inhaling the weed. No, you dear soul. You must be patient and wait until it is decriminalized by law or legislation passed to make it legal. It is understandable how those New Jersey souls really need a toke right about now to calm down.

Our South Dakota patriots overwhelmingly voted in the dual side of cannabis.    Alas! The same fate as hovers over New Jersey hangs here. Until the law takes effect, it will be July 21, 2021 before anyone can legally vape. No problem since there is lots of land to hide for a hit of the bong! Which is what has been happening for the past 80 years or so.

You will be most envious of the Montana cowboy who can now light up any ‘ol place and time he wants because the law takes effect immediately at midnight December 31, 2020!    The buying age is 21 but who cares? Illegally it was possible so no problem. Mrs. Conaway always believes in paying to have fun and a 20% tax is a pittance to be healthy and happy or healthy or happy. Los Angeles Natural Health does advise considering buying property in the county that allows dispensaries. The only blemish on this dream of getting high or healthy is that a county can prohibit the fun and you have to go over the county line to indulge. Drive safe!

So far, 35 states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. This is quite commendable!

Equally as commendable, 15 states and Washington, DC have legal recreational use laws for cannabis. The happiness of this is for the research into cannabis this will bring to our world.

Mrs. Conaway truly is appalled at the laws in her new home state of New Mexico. One might imagine that such with liberal policies in other areas, they surely should relax the rules. Coming from the polar opposite state of California, it came as a shock to realize she must move somewhere like Colorado to be free. It’s not that she wants to get high, however, she does believe getting recreationally high is much less damaging than prescription drugs from the legal beagle doctor pusher. Also it is less destructive than the legal limits of alcohol that destroys everything (much as she likes beer).



The truth is that the longer medical and recreational cannabis studies are delayed, the health giving fruits of the plant will be delayed. This legal crap destroys opportunities to come up with medical solutions to so many diseases and life disruptors such as acne and multiple sclerosis. There is truly a great need to bring to light the true nature of medical marijuana which was once upon a time legal.

It (and many other drugs) was found in everything from cookies to ice cream and no one gave it a thought until it became a useful tool for hate. It is sickening to know Los Angeles Natural Health would not be here to expose the greatness of marijuana had it not come across the wonderful oil known as CBD. Since that time, much growth has occurred in the medical field and look …

The United Nations has come around! Every form of cannabis from industrial use to topicals was forbidden.

Is it not ironic that when the United Nations conferred on the subject it is learned that the United States supported the core of its validity. Of course, money is at the root of legalization in this case because countries are seeing it rain down dollar signs where it is legal.

As a result, for which Mrs. Conaway loudly cheered … the Untied Na … my mistake … the United Nations voted to remove cannabis for medicine from the list of dangerous drugs.

Mrs. Conaway still finds it difficult to discuss marijuana use with stoners. They fail to see the medical prospects of marijuana.

Dear readers, please … always keep in mind that dangers can arise when medical marijuana or recreational marijuana is improperly used. By that, the implied danger is if you are already on conventional heart medication or just about any conventional medication today, please check with your doctor. Medical Marijuana is not the danger my friends but it is the conventional Big Pharma drugs that are the danger.

Below are the links to two posts in Los Angeles Natural Health regarding some danger in using cannabis. It is not the cannabis that is the danger. It is the user not being informed due to lack of available information and that my friend is why we protest the criminalization of the sacred plant.

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome


No Grapefruit For You?

Mrs. Conaway enjoys that you read the whole post because it is presented for your health ways!


Yours truly,

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