Thank you to for posting this excellent article, “Part 1, What Are Cannabis Concentrates, Oils, and Extracts?” which I will now elaborate upon.

As a non-consumer of flower (Mrs. Conaway does not smoke pot … yet) its very important that we share the value of knowing more than just about recreational uses of cannabis otherwise known as pot, ganga, hashish, etc. anyway. Since many folks do consume or want to consume cannabis, we need details.

As an avid and devoted follower of CBD oil, Mrs. Conaway has since become a cannabis health coach. Why would you need one you ask? Because, as I’ve learned, it’s not as easy as smoking or carelessly using a whole bottle of oil because you don’t know any better or rushed through it as if it was a regular Big Pharma drug. Some pre-caution is needed.


Innovative creatives out there are dreaming up more ways to consume cannabis than ever thought possible. How it went from smoking in a rolling paper to exotic dabs and pens is beyond me. You have hybrids to smoke, more flavors to vape, consume or drop. In other words, it’s more fun to get healthy and pain free than ever before!

Let’s get on with it shall we? Our discussion is on Cannabis concentrates.

Mrs. Conaway was as ignorant as a baby learning to walk when she first discovered CBD. My whole world is turned upside down due to the implications of using such an amazing tool to manage pain and health.


Let’s start with CBD since it’s out there like false eyelashes on women. Everyone sees it everywhere and wonders how the hell…? First of all, the whole bottle is not all CBD oil. It’s got milligrams of CBD oil mixed with what we call a “carrier” oil and if it’s not a cheap version it will be made using MCT (unrefined hopefully since it’s the best.)

It may also be made of the following also: Sunflower oil, Avocado oil, grapeseed oil, hempseed oil and a few more. The CBD is suspended in the “carrier” oil due to the fact that the CBD is so small it would take you forever to get it right.

This essentially enables swift intake and storage. The shake the bottle factor is what makes sure the CBD is evenly distributed throughout so you get the correct dosage. It’s sometimes flavored because the original may scare people away. To be honest, the cinnamon has a burn factor but it’s still pretty cool.

The CBD oil itself it put through one of many processes. The process used is based on the manufacturer’s choice. None are under any regulation to use other than being clean, safe, accurate and right for the job. The process itself is what creates the concentrate which is like it sounds. Concentrate: Removal of water or fluid to obtain a concentrated form of the desired product.

If you only knew what you are not getting. Well, I’ll tell you what you don’t get that the concentrate of CBD oil is missing. Dirt, pigments, flavors, bioactive compounds, chlorophyll, pesticides, microbial growth, heavy metals, etc. Be thankful for this process.

Ahhh! The good part. No smoking of extracts making everyone give you the dirty look you get using reefer. Under the tongue is where it goes, and you hold it there as long as possible, so it absorbs into the thin oral tissues for maximum absorption.

You don’t need as much to get the experience you are seeking. So, it’s an efficient way and easy to use. 20-30 minutes and you are on your way to managing pain or whatever.

CBD Capsules

But! That’s not all! CBD comes in as stated above, oil or known also as tinctures. It comes in capsules which takes longer, like 2 hours longer. It’s important to start low … 5mg and add more if you need it. Plus, capsules have no taste and if you can’t swallow pills easily, there are more ways to solve that problem below.

An advantage of capsule use is that it’s measured and specific. If you want to micro-manage use, this is the way to go. You would start a capsule at the 5-10 mg and work up if necessary. The gel is usually made out of gelatin, but most are vegetarian and I have no idea how that happens. Gelatin being from cows is what I do know. Ask before you buy!

The capsules might have olive oil to fill up the space in the capsule. These are also helpful to avoid taking too much or too little once you figure out your dose. Taking the same time daily also assures you are getting it when you need to keep a routine. They travel easily with no mess unless you do something that causes a leak.

The downside is they aren’t cheap and only go up to 250 mg per capsule. The difference in the hemp oil in capsules is different from the oils however, I have yet to find out why. Just letting you know.

CBD Vaporizers

Well, as I was at a dispensary certification there’s more to learn here. Cartridges are not yet tested but soon will be tested for lead content. Be extremely careful not to let a cartridge sit in the hot car or sun for too long as it will leach lead.

Should you decide you wanna look cool with your cartridge of awesomely scented oil then this is your tool. Vaporize to your hearts content with this CBD delivery method. It takes minutes to work on you.

Cool fun fact! Vape oil is made for inhalation not for oral intake as a rule. The vape “juice” is more of a distillate. It should not contain any actual oil at all. Keep that in mind and do not be fooled into trying an oil. Nothing more than CBD extract, terpenes, VG, PG or cannabinoids should be used to vape with.

Cartridges come pre-loaded and are used connected to a standard 510 battery. You can find all sorts of cartridge variations. JUUL users can switch easily between e-cig and CBD vaping.

As for dosing, dear readers please be cautious until you become familiar with your needs and the products.

Start low and with vape cartridges containing 100mg of CBD, expect to get 1-2 mg with each puff. My Leafly article says that if you use a CBD pen or tank, you will be taking a bit more CBD per puff.

The device and strength of the vape juice matters so be aware of your what you are doing especially for pain management. It’s too expensive to waste.

Shatter, Wax and Dabs

Not here. This is CBD and they are THC.

CBD Dosing

On all forms of CBD delivery, start low and work your way up. Use intervals of 6 hours to monitor the effect. Increase gradually either by the drop or by 5 mg per increase.

10-30 mg for mild use is normal and for chronic pain, monthly inflammation or hangovers you might use 200-750 mg per day. 1000 mg per day is do-able but that’s serious pain management and should be used under the coaching of a caregiver, cannabis coach or doctor.

Stop adding once you get the effect you are seeking. On occasion, give it a rest.

It’s not so good to wear out the endocannabinoid system so a break of a day or two every few months is good for you.

Getting High?

Not possible unless your family friend, member or enemy gave you an oil polluted with enough THC to cause you to test dirty or get high when you wanted something else like just to relax.

CBD is from mainly industrial hemp although it can be made from strains high in CBD which might have THC but generally these are labeled as such and are used for serious issues requiring more potency than just industrial CBD.

It’s doubtful that most folks will pay attention to things like this but it’s absolutely true … too much of a high from THC can be leveled out by having CBD. When your buddy is flipping out from a high THC strain unexpectedly, CBD can be taken to reduce that and bring calm instead.

If you see someone pretending to be high from CBD, have them committed because it’s just not possible … even if they had a gallon of it, in which case they would be in the throne room for a long time.

Legal or Not?

By now friends, you ought to know the laws. If you don’t know the laws in your state, find out before you get your joy taken away by a police or state trooper or your boss.

Death and Taxes

No one has died a documented death from cannabis unless it was from the shock of paying taxes while ingesting – in which case it’s not the cannabis’ fault. People have died from their tax shock.


Like so many grocery stores where you buy meat, you should shop the same way for CBD or any cannabis products. Compare, ask questions, research or if you really trust your friend follow their recommendation.

Personally, Mrs. Conaway would never use something like this unless she personally saw the formerly crippled with pain suddenly walk. Which she did, so she’s a believer. Really, use common sense and if you don’t have that, ask your Mom or spouse or someone you trust to lead the way for you.


It’s called a Certificate of Analysis or Compliance. It’s impossible to understand but it scares the heck out of the retailer who now believes you know your stuff and so they are less inclined to sell you the garbage stuff.

Believe me, people have been ripped off tremendously so only patronize the good dispensaries. I recommend a collective or medical dispensary for high quality products. Let’s be honest, no one ever asked their buddy what was in the joint every-one is toking on so why the sudden care? The reason is managing pain is the opposite of getting high for fun.

Almost Slipped My Mind!


Mrs. Conaway will elaborate on that more later on. Don’t do it!

Yours truly,

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