This absolutely amazing tool was developed by David Rowland.

Mrs. Conaway first discovered this amazing unique and most helpful dietary and nutritional health assessment in 2011. Since then, she has helped folks discover what is missing from their diet. Discovery is key to having optimal health and this assessment is completely driven by your knowledge of your body and what it’s telling you.

Using your response to the statements and then analyzing for 65 key components of nutrition, minerals and functions gives you a picture of how your health is functioning and what you can do to make improvements if desired.

The scores in each category are compared to your overall state of health and not to any textbook standards or statistical averages that have no relevance to your health.

You might not want to change a thing or maybe nothing needs changing. Working with CBD or THC requires full body cooperation and if a shortage or deficiency is noted that might impair the wonderful work of the cannabis supplement we need to know. Only then can we determine how to create health and pain management for you.

This analysis is included free to you. The retail value is estimated to be between $85-$110 depending on who you go with.

Mrs. Conaway feels the importance of knowing the nutritional state of your health is important enough to provide it as a tool for gaining optimum health that she will not charge for it.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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