Thanks to the internet, information is quickly available for and on just about everything in existence. Sadly, many do not take advantage and do the research nor do they make comparisons when they read disparaging remarks about products.

In most cases, the remarks come after making a comparison on similar products but made of different technologies, who is older or more recent. People also look at what is trendy rather than rely on their own requirements of a product from shoes to water.

I have had a water machine since 2010. It’s from the Enagic company. At that time, it was the only water ionizer that could produce gallons of water without failing to maintain the output, quality and consistency of water. The machine needed only to be cleaned once a year and depending on use, the filter maybe need replacement twice a year. In my case, its replaced yearly. It’s a wonderful machine.

Like most products on the market, from humble beginnings a fantastic product comes forth. The line of Enagic USA products is excellent and has not changed in the 10 plus years I have owned my machines.

I started out with the most basic one, it’s name is now the Levelux R. My next one in 2011 was and still is the SD501. It has a consistency in all areas that has never failed. People are amazed at my devotion to the water … so much so that I take it in 3 – gallon jugs everywhere I travel in the USA. Once I run out, I suffer knowing I am drinking crap water until I return home.

Through the years when I first began to promote the machine, there were many representatives singing the praises of Kangen water. I believe it was about 5 years after I began drinking the water that I tried to locate a few of the demonstrators who had been huge in the business. It was shocking to find that one of them who had been injured in a surfing accident and the water had cured him … well, now he was promoting an opposing machine!

Since I knew that the water was as excellent in 2015 as it had been in 2010, I was sad to hear him pitching a lesser product as being the same. The very machine he had been touting as trash and telling us that he knew of 3 manufacturers in Korea who sold alkaline machines with labels of up to 500 different companies. How could it be then that he now was singing like a bird about the products of Korea? It was possible because he made more money. He truly did not give a damn about the product it produced.

Enagic moved their headquarters from Japan to Torrance, California in 2008. Check out their history!

Office in Paris, France opened
Office in Rome, Italy opened
First Global Convention held in Okinawa, Japan
Enagic Singapore was established
Florida Branch office opened
Enagic receives WQA certification
Enagic Europe GmbH’s first distributor training seminar was held in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Donations from Enagic affiliates helped fund the bottling and distribution of mineral water to aid victims of the March earthquake and tsunami in Japan. 120,000 bottles were sent from the US directly to the evacuation shelters in Northeast Japan.
Enagic is granted trademark status for the exclusive 8-Point Business Model
Enagic begins to collect donations from North American distributors and employees to aid victims of Eastern Japan Earthquake.
Grand Opening of Enagic Korea
Seattle Service Center opened
1st Enagic Global Celebration held
1st Annual Global Training in Sydney, Australia
1st Annual Global Convention in Las Vegas, NV
The LeveLuk SD501 Platinum model is released
The new Enagic Shop goes live
The Enagic Dual Pre-Filter System is released
Start of Summer Sizzle Sales Campaign
Start of Global 8-Point Monthly Unit Contest
Enagic Philippines was established in Makati City
Launch of
Enagic Italy was established in Rome.
Enagic Australia was established in Sydney
The LeveLuk Portable, the world’s first portable Kangen Water machine, was released.
The Dallas branch office was opened.
Entirely new corporate website released.
English version of members’ newsletter, E-Friends, released.
Enagic 35th anniversary.
Enagic de Mexico was established in Monterrey.
The Enagic Sports System, Inc. is established.
Enagic forms an amateur baseball team.
Enagic Europe GmBH was established in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Enagic USA purchases its own building and moves from Gardena, CA to Torrance, CA.
The LeveLuk Under-the-Counter model is released.
Enagic Canada was established in Vancouver.
Enagic USA is enrolled as an official member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA).
The term KANGEN WATER is trademarked in the United States.
Enagic Hong Kong was established in Kowloon.
The LeveLuk DXII and JRII models was released.
The Chicago branch office was opened.
Began sales of LeveLuk SD501.
The New York branch office was opened.
Enagic celebrated 30th year anniversary.
Began sales of Kangen Ukon Sigma.
Kangen Ukon is recommended by the Japanese Association for the Prevention of Geriatric Diseases.
The Yanbaru Natural Materials factory is registered as an FDA facility.
The Yanbaru Natural Materials factory is opened in Okinawa and production begins on Ukon supplements.
Enagic Taiwan was established in Taipei. The Honolulu, Hawaii branch office was opened
Product line-up was expanded to include the “LeveLuk Super 501” and the “Anespa” bath water system.
Los Angeles Branch Office was opened.
Cartridge and promotional goods supplier Enagic Supply Center was established.
Designated “Global Year One.” International operations were initiated and Enagic USA, Inc. was born.
The Enagic Service Division was established especially for the service and maintenance.
The LeveLuk series of Kangen Water® machines is solely recommended by the Japanese Association for the Prevention of Geriatric Diseases.
Merged with Toyo Aitex. The company specializes in electrolysis water generating technology.
Enagic began sales of core product “LeveLuk DX.”
Company became Kangen water specialist with philosophy of “True Health.”
The Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare authorizes the Enagic Osaka factory as a medical equipment manufacturer.
Sony’s specialty trading operation, the precursor of Enagic, began operations in Okinawa, Japan.

Pay attention to the timeline. It’s not been updated since 2012 but from this you can see the company has steady growth. It’s amazing.

As a distributor for all these years, I have sold one machine. It has not stopped me from singing it’s praises. Many people are … especially sick people … are broke and barely making ends meet and cannot afford tea and coffee let alone an expensive machine.

These Enagic water machines are made to last longer than a car. One machine purchased for life and giving water daily without failure? That is unheard of. I have yet to hear of any other water ionizer lasting that long. Mine is still pumping water and now it is not pumping city water, no, it is water from my own well.

I speak from experience and usage. The reason for this post is this. Whether you buy the machine from me or from the company or another distributor. I am not about making money although that would be great. No, I care about the health of people who are suffering. This post is about the machine and the company not the product. That might just require a book. It is amazing water.

Please – when you look up water ionizers to promote for money or to personally use, keep in mind there is more to the story than just one review. Keep looking and you will see a trend. The trashing of this company and its products are nothing more than envy and scurrilous marketing. Mine is over ten years old. I have been drinking it that long.

This is me on the left today and on the right in 2012. I couldn’t find a 2010 photo and I rarely do photos so this is pretty close. Not much aging. I drink close to half a gallon of Kangen water every day and more when I don’t leave the house. Once your body is fully hydrated, you do not have to “go” as often and I must say, nothing is better than that for cleaning your body of old used up cells.

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Just one more tidbit of info on this amazing machine … Hiromi shinya, Md mentions Kangen water in his book, The Enzyme Factor. It’s that good.

If you’d like to know more, contact me personally and I will be happy to help.


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