It was February of 2010. I was at the annual horse show in Pomona, CA.

I, Mrs. Conaway – was there to see the Gypsy Vanner horses. Once that thrill was done, I wandered over to the pavilion to look at all the horsie saddles, balms and whatever else was for sale. It was like a swapmeet – high end of course.

At one of the stalls, I stopped to gawk. She had stuff I’d never seen. That happens when all you ever do is buy Harley Davidson shirts. I was in love with her clothing. I wanted to buy everything … well, one of everything!

Upon inquiring if she had a website where I could buy some more later, she sadly did not. After some more chit-chat, we agreed to meet in Burbank for lunch. It was my grand idea to help her get a website started where she could feature her amazing clothing for sale.

While I was sucking down what was to be my last ever soda, I patiently waited for her. She showed up with a jug. I asked about it and she told me it was for me.

Smarty pants me laughed at her as if she was crazy. I thought maybe I misjudged her and she was kooky. After all, who brings a gallon of water to a new buddy? It was a turning point in my health but I didn’t know it yet.

She told me it was kangen water and I had her say it 3 times before I had her spell it out because I wasn’t sure I was hearing it right. K-A-N-G-E-N water she said.

As it turned out, it was alkaline water that she had made and bottled at home and brought as fresh as could be for me. Oddly enough she didn’t say much about it. Just told me that it was good for you. She said I should drink water and that soda was bad which I had heard and ignored.

We parted and I went back to work with my water. She cautioned me to keep it away from heat, light and air. That wasn’t going to be much of a problem because I wasn’t going to be touching it much.

I don’t remember when I opened it and tried it. What sticks in my mind is I did drink it and it made my mouth taste sweet. That was all.

On Monday, she calls and invites me to a water demo in Encino. Sure! How much rocking fun is this gonna be? I’m still barely drinking but liking the water too. I was enjoying my little bit of healthy. I considered myself healthy but boy was I in for a surprise! I was the furthest thing from healthy. Vitamins don’t do it all.

The water demo showed water compared to about ten other beverages and the acidity they have compared to alkaline Kangen water. They explained how it helped to clean the cells, how it helped with auto-immune conditions, how it cleaned crap off fruit and so much more.

To make it more fun, they showed how the machine made different type of water, how it split water and how it was as fragile as brittle hair. I mean, you have to baby this water. Let me tell you, the stuff in the market selling as alkaline water … well, it’s not. It has to be so protected that it’s a pain in the a– to drag it around.

That night I bought my first machine. It was the Sunus. The baby of the bunch. It was all I could afford and that was with 10 months of payments. I was able to avoid the charity payments they let you make. This company, Enagic, will bend over backwards to help you get a machine. They don’t beat you into it, they just do whatever it takes to make it happen for you and they are fair about it.

I carried that water in a gallon jug everywhere. People laughed at me but I didn’t care. My life was changed and I had no intention of looking back. I was drinking almost the whole jug every day. Eventually I slowed down. But, my life became Kangen water and coffee. I’m still carrying it with me on trips and rides on the motorcycle.

I view it as an inconvenient necessity. Today, between half a gallon and three-fourths of a gallon is what I drink. This my dears – will change your life and your health!

About a year later, I upgraded to the SD701 model . My gosh I could not be more excited. This one made 7 different waters! 9.5, 9.0, 8.5, clean water (non-alkaline), beauty water (5.5), Strong Kangen water (11.5) and Strong Acid water (2.5.)

Enagic is the company that makes the machine that produce Kangen water. The machines are made in Japan. The headquarters moved from Japan to Torrance, California.

If you are feeling curious, you can check it out on my link or make an appointment with me for 15 minutes free of charge and we can discuss your options.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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