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As you know, I am a H U G E fan of turmeric and I am devoted to Optivida Health Liposomal Tumeric.

This wonderful and helpfully informative article dropped into my email and I would like to share it with you.

I’m not just giving you the link; I am going to post the whole thing since I believe you will not want to miss any of it.

And, in case you would like to watch it at your own pace, here is the link.

Why is this important? Let me share that your health is important and before I became a huge fan of CBD, this is the product that I have used since 2009.

On a daily basis I enjoy the benefits of Tumeric. I don’t take a break from it. I have tried a few emergency versions like when I got stranded in Las Vegas and had none and I scoured the city to find some at the Rite Aid!

So, back to the article, I hope you enjoy skimming my little video and here is a link to the original article that I hope you have time to read since it’s very clear and helpful.

It’s truly a lifesaver.

Hey … it’s also available in the Los Angeles Natural Health Emporium !

To your HEALTH!

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