Choices my dears, choices! We’ve had choices for as long as people existed, thank you Lord! We have highly potent doctor prescribed drugs that will knock you off your feet and people are swallowing and shooting these drugs with no complaint.

Oddly enough, I hated anything that would make me “out of it.” Alcohol, pills, pot, prescription (first time was my first pregnancy, Demerol) and that sort of thing. I still do. My biggest fear is being woozy to say nothing of the dreaded hangover (which I now manage with CBD if I get too drunk). I like beer but not so much that I want to have the beer belly and poor health.

I was 42 when I had my first beer. 21 when I had pot that scared me so bad, I still won’t smoke it. I don’t give a damn how good it is.

My foray into Cannabis was quite by accident. As a pain reliever and cancer inhibitor I cannot stop singing the praises. All this got me to thinking about the way so many people are afraid of cannabis. A fear that has nothing to do with using the product because many of us (living today) never have used it as medicine

Well, it goes back to creation. The plant has popularity with so many people and was used in rituals, drinks, potions, salves, oil tinctures, edibles, smoke. The same way we are using it today.

But there was a guy who was literally the enemy of the people in that he is the reason so many of us looked at it as it was from the devil himself and not God.

The despicable varmint himself was named Harry Anslinger. You can research him to learn more. It’s awful to write his name. He’s done such a disservice to humanity.

My father might be alive had it not been for his take down of Cannabis. In 1930, prior to Prohibition ending he was the first commissioner of the FBN which evolved to the DEA of today. He laid the foundation for the war on drugs that we still face today.

There are some serious instances where we need the war on drugs, unfortunately the guns are pointed in the wrong direction! Big Pharma is doing more destruction with their drugs than Cannabis ever did or will.

He was a two-face … in his early days he had no real issues over Cannabis. Power really does go to peoples head and they are deviant when they find a way to hurt people and use it too!

As head of the FBN, he needed a way to create a bullshit legacy because he wasn’t happy just doing his job. Nope, this creep went after all drugs, but his biggest catch was the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 because it gave him power. He ardently promoted it’s passage.

His partner in crime who supported his nefarious devious lying corrupt demonization of Cannabis was William Randolph Hearst. With such a wide circulation and with the greatest racism ever tolerated, those two set out to ruin the lives and reputation of blacks, Latinos and anyone who favored them.

He used the term, “marijuana” because it gave him the means to attach the evil weed to Latinos. He gave it the association of music like jazz because the jazz musicians were black.

It’s not a very proud time in America’s history and so many people were fearful of people of any color that was not theirs. He focused on the altar of his puffed-up ego and desire to be someone.

It’s hard to understand that kind of hatred but this is not about that. I wanted to give people a way to understand how something so innocently good could give way to what I really feel is limitlessly evil compared to Cannabis and that is Big Pharma and huge drug companies like Bayer, Merck, and all the small ones they’ve swallowed up that are no longer around.

Bayer participated in the Nazi Holocaust as part of IG Farben which supplied drugs and the gas for the Nazi’s to use on Jews and everyone they felt like.

Bayer (the cheapskate) used blood from high risk people to make a Factor Vlll and l X which was supposed to clot blood of hemophiliacs but instead gave thousands of hemophiliacs HIV-tainted blood plasma passed away.

In the 1990’s, Bayer ripped off the Federal government to the tune of $14 million dollars! And, today Bayer is still big in contraceptives industry even though their contraceptive drug Yaz or Yasmin in 2001 caused cardiac arrest and women died from it.

And now Bayer is owner of the most disgusting company on the plant, Monsanto.

Why all this? Because people are still in fear of a plant that never killed anyone. A plant that has cancer stopping or healing properties that are unheard of and yet it’s still held up as something to be avoided at all costs.

As a Cannabis Health Coach, my mission is to educate people about Cannabis. They need to know that its only destructive habit is the one used relentlessly as a tool by the Big Pharma and government agencies that will have no job once it’s legal. Instead, the government might turn on the real killers of prescription meds and really put an end to the destruction of people in pain by limiting Big Pharma. I can dream …

Remember this, the pharmaceutical industry, the hospitals and doctors need patients so they really do cure one thing and replace it with another thing of debilitating issue to keep people forking over billions of dollars.

Pain, in most cases other than those who can’t have grapefruit, can be managed magnificently by Cannabis and it’s double-duty compound THC.

Please, if you want to learn more, visit my website, and let’s have a conversation. Set up a free engagement to have your questions answered.

Surely, you know that if I have no answer or the remedy, I do know who does! My teachers are the best and have more in their arsenal to fight pain. However, I am confident that I have what you need.

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Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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