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Today in the world of Cannabis, there is a lot of new snake oil sales going on. People are so grossly misinformed and selling to make a buck and not realizing the danger they present.

Not that making a buck is wrong but doing it without knowing the challenges you face is scary. Like, when you tell someone how great CBD is and yet cannot tell them why or scientifically what it does is a such a discredit to the plant. Or, without knowing if their doctor prescribed meds will interact in any way with the CBD/THC and what to do if it does.

I was like that. I knew it worked but could never give an answer to questions that convinced me either. I was selling based on my experience with CBD not plant knowledge or legal or medical knowledge.

Once I took care of that big hole in my skillset, I am better serving those who cross my path. And, the latest certification I added comes from going to an Orange County NORML event that was held at ModernBuds in Long Beach, CA.

There were some serious people doing the speaking and I am so happy that I was able to be part of it.

We heard from:

  • Keiko Beatie of Green Wave Relations ( @greenwaverelations )
  • Iman Jalalian, founder of 4i20Staffing ( (714) 486-4790 )
  • Kandice Hawes-Lopez, Director of Orange County NORML (
  • Nate Winokur, VP of Strategy and Operations of Belcosta Labs in Long Beach (
  • William Britt Founder of the Association of Patient Advocates. (

These people took the time to serve us and they gave us so much useful information and more. The purpose of the event was to enable people who are interested in working in a cannabis dispensary. The tools they need to be informed and helpful to the buyers/guests at the dispensaries.

There is a need for people to be informed. Correctly informed. Not promoting CBD/THC use based on misinformation. That will never serve the needs of people who can benefit so much from the supplement of the cannabis plant.

Thank you to the presenters and I hope to make it to many more of these events.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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