The Rat Smells a Legal Beagle Bind!

Dear Reader, LAW-DY! How happily you may have watched what seemed to be glorious events this election season regarding legalization of marijuana. Hold on a moment! Mrs. Conaway has come out of her long sabbatical from posts to update you on what is really happening in the world of legalizing marijuana. Let’s begin with each state that passed a law […]

Getting Excited Over a Great Article on Tumeric!

Dear Reader … As you know, I am a H U G E fan of turmeric and I am devoted to Optivida Health Liposomal Tumeric. This wonderful and helpfully informative article dropped into my email and I would like to share it with you. I’m not just giving you the link; I am going to post the whole thing since […]

Get The Soap Facts

Vintage Alley Kat post from a few years ago. Many moons ago Alley Kat decided to go healthy. Her new friend HannaKat had introduced her to alkaline water. The Enagic saga began but this isn’t about water. It’s about a product that involves water and Alley Kat figures that if she thinks it’s helpful to herself then it must also […]