What’s Grandpa Smoking?

Dear Reader, Right off the bat I am going to give you a link here > https://norml.org/blog/2020/10/26/study-seniors-report-using-cannabis-products-to-mitigate-symptoms-associated-with-older-age/ This link is so you can check it out if you like and then come back for my take on it. I am a senior and I’m so far blessed enough to not have any problems so I have not had to use […]

If Mrs. Conaway Had Not Preached Against Marijuana

Dear Reader, At The First … Her whole life, Mrs. Conaway has avoided doctors. She took steps to avoid them at all costs. Upon her first marriage, a doctor was in that family. He did no wrong and yet he did not inspire the trust and so she avoided them and him. You see … all through growing up Mrs. […]

It is The Enemy

Dear Reader … It is the enemy. Cancer is never going away. It is the result of lifestyle habits, diets, inherited poor health management, overindulgence in alcohol and drugs and much more. Our environment is the biggest influencer in our health. Our longer lifespan contributes to high rates of cancer, so it is time related. This includes a longer exposure […]

Mrs. Conaway Explains The Endocannabinoid System to a Pupil

Dear Reader, What happens to you when I begin talking about your Endocannabinoid System??? Does it make you squirm? Or does it bore you? What is it about the word balance that gives you such a powerful thrill? Is it because its familiar? We all know balance. It is our life. Everything has balance – even crooked things can remain […]

How Can You Know The Kind of Weed You Have?

Dear Reader, Clearly Mrs. Conaway has no idea what weed type she is smoking! However, she did find a website that is very informative and she is going to share it with you newbies … here we go! But First … Just to be sure we are all on the same page we must clarify what we are talking about. […]

Learn The Laws

Dear Reader … when you are relocated from a state like say … California … where everything goes … … it’s nothing short of a disaster to learn the new laws. Absolutely stunning. Fines abound! Up to a half ounce no penalty but a maximum fine exists … are you kidding me? Aren’t they the same? No incarceration though. Whew! […]

Difference Between Vaping Hemp and CBD Oil

Long time – no see! Thank you for your patience. Today I am happy to post another post by an acquaintance named Alex from Smoke Tokes! Here is his information if you would like to reach out to him with any questions. SmokeTokes.com  Alex, Mrs. Conaway truly appreciates the time you took to reach out and submit this article for […]

There is More Than One Way to Have Your Weed

You do not have to be a marijuana smoker or user of medical marijuana to know that some methods of delivery are better than others or to know that you are not stuck with one just because you started out with that one.

Breakdown of the Certificate of Analysis

Dear Reader, It’s important to know that your product has a Certificate of Analysis for the simple reason that it makes you feel safe. Note that it makes you feel safe … not that you are safe from bad stuff in your hemp/marijuana product. As a food product, the irony here is that these tests are on the product not the […]