Skin Cancer and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Dear Reader,  In a discussion about skin cancer and attempting to treat it with Rick Simpson Oil, there is a large amount of eye roll. Yes, we are talking about the eye roll of disbelief. Allow Mrs. Conaway to attempt to remove your skepticism. Much has been written and stolen and re-written about Rick Simpson and his fabulous oil. FYI: […]

To Titrate or Not to Titrate?

It’s mind boggling to Mrs. Conaway why science has to use such pesky names for everyday little things like adjusting or trying out a little bit at a time. TITRATE: MEDICINE: Continuously measure and adjust the balance of (a physiological function or drug dosage). That’s the Dictionary definition. When I listen to people speak and they use the word titrate […]

Bio Medical Center

Medical clinic in Tijuana, Mexico Address: Av Gral Ferreira 3170, Madero Sur, 22046 Tijuana, B.C., MexicoPhone: +52 664 684 9011 What’s so important about this page. People are given a chance to survive cancer in every stage it comes in. Please take a look at their website and if you are suffering from any cancer or if you know anyone who […]