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The Short Version of What is CBD?

Dear Readers,

Because there are so many excellent articles and publications regarding the CBD/THC names, strengths, strains and so on, I feel it necessary to help clear up the confusion.

Below you will see my condensed version of what I have learned.

CBD is short for cannabinoid – a compound of the cannabis sativa plant. It has 32 molecules.

THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinoid – a compound of the cannabis sativa plant. It has 34 molecules.

There are more: You will most likely never interact with them,” so I am going to skip listing them. If you insist on knowing them, email me and I will follow up with the list.

Both CBDA and THCA must be put through a process called “decarboxylation” which removes a carboxyl (COOH) and releases carbon dioxide. The process is the application of heat like in fire from a lighter or match or oven.


Just so you are aware of it, your own personal Endocannabinoid System has receptors spread throughout your body similar to receptors of for example … the endocrine system. It is a lock and key function. If the wrong key is trying to enter the lock, it will not activate the receptor.

CBD and THC (actually, all the cannabinoids) have receptors in your body that do one amazing thing. They travel back with information enabling them to be super-duper efficient at resolving your issues quickly. No other body systems do this. They are one way travel and that’s it … only the the endocannabinoids can fire both ways.

The fun details:

Many cannabinoid acids have antibiotic or insecticidal properties used by the plant to protect itself. This in turn protects you.

Heat turns them from acidic to neutral plant cannabinoids. Now they become THC AND CBD.

What matters to you:

If you want to get high recreationally, use THC.

To manage pain, use CBD.

To control autoimmune issues, anxiety or nerve damage you would use a combination of both.

My short summary is to give you the basics. For in-depth details that will confuse the hell out of you but will give some nuggets of insight will be helpful here is the link to the website where I got this information.


But wait! There’s more!

You don’t always get high with THC. In some cases, the pain is so great that all you feel is relief.

CBD used in conjunction with THC will influence the effect of the THC upon you. It might enhance the effect depending once again upon your needs.

Evaluating the efficacy of either compound is entirely dependent on your personal nutritional health, lifestyle and degree of pain management or health needs you have.

The beauty of these cannabinoids is that once you start to apply them to your issue, you make the determination as to what, how much and when you use them.

Side note: Terpenes and flavonoids are not in this discussion but suffice it to say … if there ever came a time when they could make the noxious odor of hemp smell like patchouli, Mrs. Conaway would have pot- potpourri stashed everywhere … the house, the car, at work …

Allow me to stress how important a few purchase qualifiers are.

Only purchase the best you can afford. Here’s why … the market is wide open to deceitful people to contaminate, water down and use cheap inferior weed, carrier oils and poor cleanliness standards when creating product. In other words, it’s all about money.

It’s like the difference between a 5 star restaurant and drive-thru. One takes care and extreme perfection to justify the high cost and one just doesn’t care and rushes it through like a cattle-call to take the money and run.

When purchasing, look at the company website and see if they have documentation. Even if it seems out of date, that may be the last one they have and if you are truly concerned, call them up to verify. Or, trust your venders such as “yours truly” who has done the verification for you.

Crowding the website with stuff that is already available elsewhere is not part of what we do here. Ask for what you want in an email and Mrs. Conaway will be happy to send it.

These are the basics that I get asked about the most and if you have questions, I have answers but we must follow up in an Engagement or vial email. Mrs. Conaway will update this post as needed because she might have overlooked something.

My hope is that I have satisfied your initial concerns about CBD and THC for now and you have enough to make a decision as to whether you want to learn to manage your health or you want to continue with your current practices.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

Ps. No one has ever overdosed from this plant. The only addiction that might result from using it is the addiction to becoming pain free at your own discretion.

Industrial hemp

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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Is it Really Organic?

While everyone is buying CBD oils/tinctures and thinking they are getting certified organic oil, they are sadly mistaken.

Being the reading researcher that I am … I found an article that supported what a new acquaintance told me about farming.

There is a thing called the official USDA seal.

It turns out there is a difference that matters. It’s the difference between hemp cultivation and organic certification. Now this article that I will be using is from CBD HACKER (

One of the companies I came across has a really cool product. Upon discussing marketing with the sales manager, we spoke about the organic made oils. His company partners with one that is a true certified USDA organic farm.

In 1990 Congress passed legal definitions of what is “organic” agriculture. It’s called the ORGANIC FOODS PRODUCTION ACT.  An advisory board came out of that called the National Organic Standards Board. They make organic farming recommendations regarding what substances to use and send it on to the USDA. Finally in 2002, it was set in stone. Here comes the good part …

In order for produce to be labeled organic, it has to meet standards first or it will not be certified. You know the villains as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Much loved by farmers to keep produce from rotting and failing to produce but hated by purists.

Something we didn’t know is at least 70% of packaged foods with more than one ingredient has to be produced organically. And, the 30% not organic still has to follow some rules.

This keeps 3rd party certifiers in business because the USDA doesn’t do the certification. When the 2014 Farm Bill passed, the first hemp farmers working under new pilot programs wanted to have their crop certified organic. Makes perfect sense, right? There’s always problems and in 2016 Robert Hoban of Hoban Law Group, put out an article where he told about one of his clients. Apparently this guy was having problems seeking, obtaining and then losing his organic certification.

This lucky guy had a business, CBDRx that was growing hemp under one of those state pilot programs. They had a legal product because they cooperated with all the machinations of government and got certified completely legally.

Along comes the USDA (2/2016)and tells accredited certifiers (the 3rd party kind) not to certify domestic industrial hemp production!!!

In August 0f 2016 they reversed it. The requirements were that the hemp had to be grown in accordance with the 2014 Farm Bill through a state pilot program.


People don’t know these things because no one tells them. We believe that our stuff is organic if it says so. We believe. Well the facts say otherwise.

From the article, “If a state has legalized hemp cultivation but does not have a pilot program, growers in that state can’t get certified, regardless of their practices.”

Hopefully after the 2018 Farm Bill passing, more domestic hemp farmers will be eligible for organic certification. Unfortunately, no matter how sustainable some are growing their plants, they still won’t qualify.

Who are they”

Growers or handlers who sell less than $5,000 per year aren’t eligible for USDA certification.

What really makes this hard for them and us the buyers is that the applicant cannot have applied any forbidden stuff to the crop in the last 3 years. So, they will be eligible in 2021-2022 for full certification as organic by the USDA.

They have to apply for certification or forget about it.

For our uses, the growers who use organic ways but aren’t certified is probably what we are buying.

Then you also have the scum who lie and really use chemicals.

Why is this so important and such a big deal? Well, we all like to know our food and supplement intake is as prime as we can afford. Without the waiting period, the soil is contaminated and it takes that long to clean up.

Clean up? How does that happen you say? Well, those garbage disgusting chemical fertilizers and pesticides have to go somewhere. That somewhere is the plant itself. It’s going to take tons of water to eliminate the toxins and its going to take lots of things like water, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to grow these awesome amazing life saving plants.

Again, the plant is pulling out the garbage and who is going to throw their money at an oil that comes from a toxic plant no matter how great it is. Well, we are already doing that unless we are fortunate enough to have a source that comes from one of the pilot programs of 2014 or a credible grower who sells their own oil or small private places that do the honorable thing and make small batches that can be verified.

This is about the big players or those who want to play.

If it is important to you, shop carefully and request the Certificate of Analysis known as 3rd party testing. It will verify the facts or claims made as to organic. There are some private accreditation entities out there that will verify if a thing is organic.

Be aware. Be on top of your health.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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The TSA Says Yes!

Today, May 27th The TSA approved cannabis containing epilepsy drug for flights! That’s awesome news for people who struggle and could not previously take this supplement with them.

Of course, there are “special Instructions” but hey – this is a big step. The new guidelines state that , products/medications that contain hemp-derived CBD or are approved by the FDA are legal as long as it is produced within the regulations defined by the law under the Agriculture Improvement Act 2018.

The TSA confirmed the updated rules to Marijuana Moment. They note that the possession of marijuana and certain cannabis-infused products remains illegal under federal law and that the agency was made aware of an FDA approved drug that contains CBD oil for children who experience seizures from pediatric epilepsy.

They acknowledge that CBD is legal at the federal level since the passage of the farm bill in December 2018 but only when it is extracted from hemp.

Apparently, in an effort to avoid confusion as to whether families can travel with this drug, Epidiolex, the TSA updated its site right away.

From the article it states – the TSA’s website notes that its security officers ” do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs, but if any illegal substance is discovered during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement officer.”

Well folks, it’s a promising start in the right direction.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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Get The Soap Facts

Vintage Alley Kat post from a few years ago.

Many moons ago Alley Kat decided to go healthy. Her new friend HannaKat had introduced her to alkaline water. The Enagic saga began but this isn’t about water. It’s about a product that involves water and Alley Kat figures that if she thinks it’s helpful to herself then it must also be good for everyone else.

Everyone gets a tongue bath in the alley. You all know that’s how kitties clean up right?

Well, human kats don’t exactly do it that way. No sirree! They waste gallons of water in things called showers and tubs.

Most human kats in the alley use them every day and get mighty dirty… you might even say they get cruddy. Now what is it you mean Alley Kat by calling a tub or shower cruddy? Listen up.

While indulging in a nice hot shower one beautiful sunshiny day, Alley Kat noticed that there had been a huge cruddy bath ring.

She’d never noticed it before and that’s maybe because she took it for granted that it was a dirt ring and every tub or shower experience caused one to appear. This day however, Alley Kat was aware of something new as she began to clean the cruddy ring. It was hard to remove and she had to use lots of klawing and scratching with her delicate paws to remove it.

Why, Alley Kat wondered was it so hard? In fact, for the past six months or so she’d noticed it but ignored it because of so many other new things crowding her mind.

Like a bomb going off in her brain, she recalled a few facts she’d recently learned about lotion and such that kats would smear on their body to make it soft after a good hard scrubbing with those little hard scrubbers that worked best with liquid soap for the shower such as Dove or Avon makes or sells. Since her training as an Arbonne representative had opened her eyes to the gross facts about animal fat based lotions and creams, Alley Kat focused on getting rid of the offending products. Yes, it was crazy but Alley Kat returned all her animal fat base products to Avon and she stopped buying them in the retail stores too.

Getting back to the shower, Alley Kat decided to read the Dove shower soap label and it was incomprehensible. That big word means she didn’t understand a word of what was in her liquid bath soap. But, she could see it left the shower dirty and now her paws were scrubbing so much she’d have to take another shower to clean up! What was the cause? It was the animal fat base in the soap. Once it cooled off it hardened into a bathtub ring. Now everyone has a shower or bathtub ring. How easy it is to clean the bathtub will depend on what you showered with. It took a while to figure out what works and what doesn’t and Alley Kat switched to vegetable and botanical soaps. That was the end of gross cruddy shower rings.

Unfortunately, for Alley Kat, it became very expensive. It is so cheap to produce animal fat based products because there is a market for them.

She fumed at the way these dangerous products are marketed to clean you up when all they are doing is swathing you in animal fat. Lucky for the old kat, there is a store in the Big Alley called the 99 cents store.

Wandering through the aisles looking for deals one day, Alley Kat came upon the greatest soap ever. There are lots of cool soaps in this place but she chose Venezia Soapworks Pure Vegetable Soap AND it’s made in the good ol’ US of A! It just doesn’t get any more patriotically better than this!

By the way, a small footnote of news for you. On top of all the discovery Alley Kat made, she also noticed that using those little cheapie plastic body scrubbers was making her fur awfully dry. When that happens who doesn’t slather lots of lotion on? Everyone does.

It’s like a swindle because first you scrub with an animal fat loaded soap using a cheap body scrubber making your fur totally dry…why?

Because then you have just removed your protective skin layer of epidermis and now you will expose it to all the dangers in the air and water including the dirty animal fat which contains toxins fed to the animals where the fat came from in the first place! Whew! Deep breath, Alley Kat … you’re going to keel over because you get so overworked.

What to do… what to do? Ever notice that when you go to some of the dirtiest places in the alley and get dirty paws what do you do? You simply use whatever soap is available and rub it into a lather and rinse. What’s missing? That cheapie plastic scrunch scrubber, that’s what. Your paws may be dry but only because you may have just put some caustic material on them like motor oil or some such thing. You don’t scrub the skin off and that should be a lesson to you not to scrub your poor body to bits. Give it a try. Buy some nice vegetable base soap and just work up a lather with your paws and smooth it over your body and rinse. Let the shampoo (non-fat) and hair conditioner (non-fat) make your body soft too.

Pretty soon you will have a beautiful protective layer of skin undamaged by chemicals and animal fats and you should have a very limited (or even none at all) itch. Let me know how it goes for you. Have fun hopping from trashcan to trashcan today! Meowwww!

Wisdom in Seniors Includes Cannabis

When browsing the internet to learn what I could about senior use of cannabis, an article popped up detailing how our senior citizens are swarming to embrace the CBD craze. Being that it’s an important thing to take note of, my thought was, let’s look at why.

For starters, we will all be in the senior citizen category God willing and the creek don’t rise. It’s still an amazing thing to reach old age. Every so often, I hear from folks who used to be a wild biker chick or dude ruminating on how they can’t believe they are not dead!

Even more surprising is that they need to use cannabis, pot, weed, ganja … you name it . Not to get “high” anymore. Nope, it’s so that they can stop hurting. It’s so they can kill the f(#<:#() cancer that is making their life misery.

They are coming from every demographic … rich, poor, healthy, unhealthy, wild living, cautious living. You name it, dis-ease strikes even the most godly of us all. Dis-ease is not a punishment for living too well or not too well. It’s just a factor we neglect to pay attention to until it’s too late. Most struggle with the pains and aches until they are immobilized by it and then they try to fix it.

Do not delay no matter how healthy you are. Find a good CBD and start using it even if you have nothing wrong. Why? Because seniors and youth alike have what is called an Endocannabinoid System or ECS. The receptors in this system are like magnets for the cannabis and the locking of the receptor to the molecule switches on the power. More on that later, but for now what you need to do is take action while the body is functioning and nothing worse than a headache is present. Or, a hangover. Just sayin’.

So many stunned “over the hill at 65” seniors are waking up to life. Unexpectedly, they never prepared for it because … well, they just didn’t. Not everything has a reason that can be stated in words but more in emotions.

The Golden Years will be really golden if you add some cannabis pain management to your health regime. The exception to this is anyone who cannot eat grapefruit. They, unfortunately cannot add cannabis to their supplements. See

Women as well as men suffer with arthritis, chronic pain, cancer, auto-immune diseases and more. Even though in some cases it’s an inflammatory condition, it feels like the curse of the devil. Joints that once moved with ease now creak like a wooden floor. CBD can fix that. It interrupts the pain signals and let’s the inflammation subside. 

Baby boomers are flocking to dispensaries searching for the magic plant. Side by side with the younger generations, who are looking for recreational pot – they shop together. Perhaps the youth today will be much better off than the seniors because they have educated access at a much younger age and legally too.

The down side to this wonderful plant’s healing properties is the negative feedback it has. Religions and cultures reject using marijuana/cannabis for any reason. How people would rather suffer than get healthy or pain free is what I don’t get.

Yet, they will toss down the disgusting chemical drugs the doctor pushes on them without question. And, then when SHTF and the doctor has to adjust the prescription, they are actually happy! They do not want to admit that they are the one who regulates their body. All they do is tell the doctor what is happening and he writes out a prescription. He won’t know a darn thing until they tell him. Isn’t that crazy?

If they had their own bottle of properly certified pure CBD oil, they could manage their pain immediately. A natural pain killer that if they wanted to take the time to mess with it, they could grow it their own plants. It’s not a gateway drug either. I used to think it was but my ignorance is gone.

Some seniors are over the fear though. It must be that they figure it will be worth the try because all else is failing. Just ask anyone you know who is under a doctors care. They hobble, they lean on canes, ride wheelchairs, sit in a chair for hours or lie in bed. They are immobile because of their pain and the doctor given meds aren’t doing a damn thing. So they give in and try CBD that their grand-kid or super cool family member fetches for them and suddenly … they are moving like a teenager again.

We all need help getting into new modes of living including new medical ventures. It’s very hard for seniors to go where the unfamiliar is. They like to have company. Getting your own Cannabis Health Coach is very popular these days. It’s inexpensive compared to the misery that comes from purchasing and using the wrong cannabis product for your dis-ease. That can make the whole thing go badly. It’s important that it’s done right.

Medical marijuana is not a toy. It’s not to be treated like worthless snake oil. The myriad of ways to use what is known as MMJ (medical marijuana) is very critical to your health. Just because it works simply and efficiently is no reason to discard it as a temporary trend. It’s been around since the first witch doctor or wizard figured out how to use it.

Unlike the chemicals which take years to develop and then test (if they do it at all) and then market it to us through the doctors and hospitals, MMJ is grown in one growing season. It can be juiced in a juicer. It can be dried and smoked. It can be made into a tincture for using under your tongue which is called sub-lingually. It can be vaped to go easy on your lungs.

Don’t let me get started on the awesomeness of the THC in the fight against cancer. Medical fieldworkers such as doctors are highly compensated for their pushing of the Big Pharma drugs. The last thing they want you to know is that it cures cancer. Think about it. Maybe you already have thought this. If the cure for cancer was found these charities would disappear. Just look at this insane list of charities supposedly working to kill or stop cancer!

53 Charities

And, just to wrap this up nicely, seniors, babies, teenagers, middle age, all races, all genders respond to marijuana as a treatment for pain, cancer and enjoyment very well.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please send an email to …

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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From Balance to Unbalance

You all have heard of the Acid/Alkaline balance. It’s been the rage and mantra of the health and wellness industry since the 1920’s.

There used to be places where the whole lifestyle was devoted to one long effort at finding the ultimate health plan.

Back then, hemp was still part of life. It had not yet been demonized and criminalized.

The beneficial homeostatic balance that hemp as food, clothing, paper, medicine, home building and the monetary value it once had, has been absent from American life to the point where some of us didn’t even know it existed.

It’s really a shame that in order to take precedence over health care and make billions from it, the pharmacopoeia industry literally ruined a perfectly safe and healthy plant and all the good it did.

Health is truly in jeopardy when treated with man made medicine from chemical laboratories. I know of one person who, when she passed away, it was with 13 bottles of drugs on her bedside table.

Dis-eases such as stroke, kidney stones, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, diabetes, peptic ulcers, hiatal hernias, gallstones, irritable colon, heart disease, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, hypoglycemia, constipation, diverticulosis, hypertension, salmonellosis, osteoporosis, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, kidney disease, hemorrhoids, obesity, asthma, trichinosis are in the past blamed on the meat, dairy and egg industry.

In finding solutions, or rather, in pretending to find solutions, Big Pharma has been on the hunt for these cures. Why do you think they have not solved it? They don’t heal things. The body does the healing when the inflammation is removed and DOES NOT allow new issues to breed or emerge.

My belief is that if the researchers should ever solve any health problem, they would soon be out of a job. Notice no cure for cancer? What a joke!

Doctors now do specialty work. The last thing they do is find out why your body is out of homeostasis. Instead, they work on one part only. You would think they all got their idea from home builders. The home builder hires different men to work on one thing only.

The doctors doing business like that now and who cares? You sound very important when you announce that you have to see a SPECIALIST! And it works. No one questions why you are seeing a specialist because its a very serious sounding thing. And costly, too.

It’s sickening how health care has become a gold mine to the medical world. Obviously, I am not opposed to making money. What sickens me is that with all the money they make our population is still suffering under the worst health care crisis ever and with the only country on earth that pours so much money in to for so little in return.

Is it any wonder that people are now swinging to the other direction and creating their own Health Revolution? I don’t think they can do it fast enough. In fact they better get going before it’s too late and they will be imprisoned again for hemp crimes.

Social media sites are sitting in fear of Big Pharma and the FDA and they are stopping us from promoting our products on their pages.

So, for wanting to get all our information and constantly asking us to promote our pages, the minute we do, we are shut down.  No problem. If I sat locked away all by myself, the Cannabis genie is out of the bottle anyway and it will rule until they find a way to wage war on it again.

Here’s a statement from one of my schoolbooks:

Taken  from Page 310 of the THE HEALTHSEEKER’S YEARBOOK

“The last 50 years have seen the rise of a true plutocracy  (“monied class”) The medical/pharmaceutical complex and the SAD food/alcohol/tobacco triune have formed a virtual conspiracy to encourage people in unhealthful living habits by consumption of poison products so that they will spend what money they may have at their shortened life’s end on doctor and hospital bills.

Even if history one day does reveal that this is not a true conspiracy it may as well be for the effects it is having on the American People! To accomplish their end goal, their conspirators have almost complete control of the American press: they are masters of the newspapers in general and of magazines in particular, where their products are lavishly advertised and their latest scientific discoveries are so proudly heralded. Likewise, television news and documentaries are controlled y the powers that profit from Suffering Americans. Programming is quick to cover the latest drug and surgery news, while news of Hygienic healing miracles is virtually nonexistent.” -Copyright 1990 Victoria Bidwell

This insane way of health care for Americans has not changed much since this book was printed. It is so unfortunate for our health that the freedom of cannabis from demonization is still not beneficial for us. It is hamstrung by the FDA which is populated with people from businesses (Big Pharma) that want the lions share of the money.

The link above is the most recent to expose the connections of the government to Monsanto.

Cannabidiol in all it’s various forms of CBD oil is one extremely reliable and efficient way to create homeostasis in your body because … our Endocannabinoid System uses it via receptors in our body to help create BALANCE.

When you use this Sacred Plant oil, you create pathways for your body to work with itself instead of attack itself as in auto-immune diseases.

The dearth of research is only because it’s hidden. There are studies and papers written all over the world and kept hidden from Americans because the enemy has other ideas for our wallets contents.

In other words, if there is no money in it for them, big business including government, medical, mineral, commodities will do their best to keep it from us, the American citizen. And, it’s only going to get worse not better.

The shining CBD star that is rising today will soon be dimmed by Big Pharma and Big Corporate and Big Government.  They will kill the light.

That does not mean it’s certain … only that we must stop them if possible from putting us back into the Dark Age of Cannabis.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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Not All CBD is Created Equal

I was recently invited to a CBD Tasting. I thought that sounded so cool. For a change a new take on a great product sweeping the nation, right?

Off we go, as this lady who I had never met, gave me a ride to the meeting. My neighbor brought us together via phone calls. I was told that she was interested in CBD and wanted to talk to me. That was the first misleading thing I heard. She wanted me to sign up with her network. As we rode to the meeting, I tried to find out more but no response so I patiently waited. (I had a memory feeling of Amway! I fought it down.)

I really thought we were going to compare and analyze the benefits of different CBD brands. I should have known the minute I saw the meeting was in a commercial building. It looked like a meeting of that old sneak, Amway. It wasn’t them. After much rah-rah, which I am not and never have been comfortable with, we settled down to a showcase of a particular product list which I had never heard of. There was no CBD testing or comparison of any kind.

Apparently, my new friend knew all she wanted to know about CBD and had no interest in learning more. I played along. I was and always will be interested in new brands or products. It’s what I want and need if I am going to recommend products to my new patients, right?

So, it nagged at the back of my mind that this was bad network marketing … only designed to separate you from your hard earned money – but I held on. I wanted to find out if the product was as claimed. Does the name VASAYO ring a bell?

The introduction to the main product and the rest that were not CBD related was quite smooth. The guy had his spiel down and made it sound so wonderful. It was LIPOSOMAL DELIVERY!

If you know anything at all about that, you know it’s as wonderful a delivery for vitamins and supplements as there ever was and it’s still fairly new but old in the scientific medical community.

Liposomal is where the product molecules are coated in lipids which enable the product to pass through the rough seas of gastric acid and the protection of the gladiator of a liver we possess.

Once it makes it past these two, it enters your system to give what is known as the Absorption Factor. That means your body uses more of it than it discards via bodily waste processes. Since I am looking to try new things, I signed up for the barest of minimum which was carrying a hefty price tag that could sink a ship. Still, I figured if it was that good, I wanted to know personally so I bought two oils consisting of 4 bottles. I wondered at that amount.

The next day as I was driving home, my mind could not wrap itself around the high cost for so little. Until the next day, when I could take my time and really go through what I bought, I was bothered over it. I looked online to see the total charges because I was the only one there who signed up online. The rest used paper signups. I paid $372! Turns out I paid $50 just for the privilege of signing up. The rest was product and S/H charges. Wanting to see what it was I bought, I checked the label.

The lady, who was very well meaning and unaware, told me that she had compared the two brands. One I am already using and the one she hoped I would use of hers. She told me hers had a  better Absorption Factor. Ok, I was about to find out. She claimed 60-80% absorption for her Vasayo which is called CBD One. Optivida has a 60% absorption which is the one I use right now. So, there they are pretty much equal.

You could hear me around the block screaming at being ripped off. I was seriously stunned and outraged at such deception. This phony imposter of a CBD product has so much crap that may or may not be an allergen to so many people. It’s on the label but you don’t hear about that at the meeting and when they talk you into signing up. No, not at all.

Read all about it. Vasayo, look at the list of added products you are paying for! No wonder it takes two bottles a month. Liposomal delivery of 13mg of watered down CBD is nothing compared to 60% of full spectrum 18 mg of Optivida! Look at the list!


In the end, I am so thankful to my Instructor Sonia Gomez and colleagues in my training for sharing their knowledge. I trust my instincts and do my research. AWARENESS! When you buy CBD, be sure you investigate the source, bio-availability, what extras it may have and that above all, it’s safe and doesn’t contain herbicides, pesticides and additives.

Both of these products have liposomal delivery, free of pesticides, herbicides and Optivida is organic while Vasayo claims to be organic compliant whatever that is. CBD, pure and simple as it is, can be man-handled and tweaked to deceive but if you care about your health (which money cannot buy), you will always at the very least look at the label, ask an authority in the field and just be careful.

Trust your instinct. Not all CBD is created equal. Optivida has an excellent product with it’s liposomal delivery and I can’t wait to share the Lipsosmal Tumeric they carry. It blows everyone else’s Tumeric capsules away.

I am not an affiliate for Optivida but I know who is and can hook you up so let me know if you are interested in that one. If I had not been at that crazy circus of a network meeting, I would not have believed it but it’s how they get you.

Hype is hype. It works.

CBD is for serious pain management and it’s wrong to sell a watered down version at the expense of trusting buyers.

Take care of those who trust you with their health. It really matters!

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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Random Drug Test and More

Stoned Einstein

There is no valid reason to fear CBD oil. In most cases the fear is based on past villainous views of stoners depicted to us by authority figures to keep us in line. It was a bad thing to do and only bad people smoked cannabis. It was associated with pill popping, needle drugs and the ever present and accepted alcohol.

Last week as I was sharing my use of CBD with a co-worker, He shared with me his fears about using CBD. He, like myself is under random drug testing  because we are Class A drivers. His co-worker in another department is not under random drug testing. His buddy is free to smoke for recreation or use CBD with no fear of failing a test. My friend however, he could lose his job, be accused of addiction or worse, suffer felony charges depending on how it goes with his company.

We have a problem. Hundreds of thousands of people every day are suffering from chronic pain. a majority of those suffering are the baby boomers, veterans and vaccine injured people and babies. Actually they suffer from a variety of things such as anxiety, seizures, auto-immune dis-eases, nutritional suffering, physical disabilities that bring depression and amazingly difficult processes for them to accomplish due to emotional discomfort.

The hope of CBD as a pain reliever and pain manager is non-existent for them. The medical community has convinced them that only their prescribed drugs are good. The insanity of giving prescription drugs with the insane amount of side effects is hard to fathom. Some are afraid of using CBD because they are afraid of losing their government assistance or losing a child under the term neglect when all they are trying to do is save them the agony of pain from nerve damage, brain damage, seizures and so forth.

In the workplace for instance, people are given side effect drugs which compromise their ability to do their job safely. Many get no relief from the pain and have to work in that pain.  Some take the drugs and work anyway hoping for an accident free day. A day of work missed is harmful to the family budget or in the case of single unencumbered folks, just as harmful because there is no partner to help keep money coming in.

The random urine drug screen tests for the presence of THC. It’s important also to know if the CBD is properly grown, processed and sold with the 0.3% legal limit of THC in it. Nothing will persuade him that he will pass because his mind only focuses on the THC content.

On top of that misunderstanding, CBD with 0.3% THC or none at all, is processed so fast by your body it’s safer than prescription drugs. The relief from pain is amazing to behold! Literally, the lame can walk. Your aching joints revive and work like new.

I have a few friends who are suffering from unimaginable pain which is strongly painful and other days it’s less painful. They are afraid to lose their government assistance so they live in agony. The children who suffer seizures to the count of 150 a day are having the CBD withheld out of fear they will lose financial benefits or doctor benefits. But, they do have access to the most debilitating and health destroying chemically manufactured drugs that Big Pharma can dream up. These are dosed out at an alarming rate and with refills available, the assurance of an income is guaranteed to Big Pharma.

Wait and watch, but the day Big Pharma finds out how to utilize the CBD in a way that will make them billionaires i(f they aren’t already) is the day CBD will be available like Vitamin C is today.

It’s already popping up in drugstores but the unknowing and tricked public has no idea that they are in actuality receiving a less than the best product.

People make fun of the networking companies but they are safer to purchase your CBD from than the dispensary down the street. Here’s why, they have to have their product tested before they can sell it to you.

It’s so scrutinized from the seed to the final oil in the dropper, it’s a blessing to know your purchase is the real deal. Now, dispensaries, because they are local in most cases, they don’t usually carry all the documentation that the network companies do. Nor are they under the FDA scrutiny  because the dispensaries only re-sell product. They are not involved in it’s purity from seed to oil or end product.

Please, if you just smoke or eat cannabis products for recreational use, bear in mind that you’re looked at under a microscope these days. Make your use of cannabis be a benefit and a blessing to those who don’t use it  and share with them the healthy side of cannabis. Let them see it’s not at all demon driven.

Help the people who need it the most receive enlightenment about the lies and fears we have been fed all these years. It’s not about being cool and accepted.

Using cannabis as CBD tincture is important to the health and well-being so it matters that proper use and care and explanation be known to them.

If you need a teaching or training on using CBD or THC for medicinal reasons, please let me know how I can help you.

ps. UPDATE. Mrs. Conaway has since retired from the union she was working with and suffered under their random drug test rules. Making the determination that health outweighed the risk, she passed a random screening with flying colors. Her oil of choice was Zion Medicinals.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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No Grapefruit For You?

Do you wonder about CBD and your current medications? Well, I certainly hope so. It’s your body. Guard it well … only because those meds that you take from Big Pharma do not play well with some things like CBD/THC.

Unfortunately, your need for medications due to heart conditions or diabetes is why you struggle as it is. Those issues are being addressed in many ways. You may think CBD will be good for you. Or, you know someone who might benefit from CBD but they are taking heart or diabetes or whatever medications.

Right now … and I was one … thousands of people are signing up to promote CBD, the wonder drug. It’s all the rage in the health and wellness arena. And it absolutely is the newest wonder drug.

It’s just not for everyone as many think.

Sitting with my client today, we covered a few things and as I was sharing the product I remembered something that crossed my eyeballs. Grapefruit and CBD cause the same reaction in folks who take heart medications.

Upon questions and answers, we determined that the CBD was not a good fit. My recommendation was that all other health factors were awesome except for the stent and heart medications being used. I await the verdict on using CBD from the doctor.

But, for now dear reader … for those of you who sell or want to use CBD, be sure to double check with a doctor or pharmacy about any medication being used. Verify that it’s not going to interfere with the liver metabolizing the drug and creating dire consequences for you and/or for them.

A phone call to the pharmacy is harmless and fast when you are making a sale. Better to lose the sale than lose the client to medical emergencies and you get blamed.

Here is why. Drugs prescribed by the doctor are made by Big Pharma and contain helpful stuff that becomes deadly when used with some plants like Cannabis. Deadly is strong language and I say it with the intention of stressing how important IT IS that you be extremely careful in how you sell or use CBD.

We are striving to take Cannabis from the gutter where it’s been for years thanks to the government and industrial medicine. The medications prescribed by doctors and some natural plants have side effects and then some. So, be careful and love your neighbor by helping them to do the right thing.

Just to make a buck and cause severe injury is so evil. Now you know if you didn’t before.


This list is from WebMD.

These drugs interact with GRAPEFRUIT IN ANY FORM.

That means it will have the same effect with CBD/THC.

If your medication in question is on this list, I beg you to avoid adding CBD to your medicine chest UNTIL you … consult your doctor/pharmacy and follow his instructions.

statins (cholesterol-lowering drugs): 

lovastatin(Mevacor), atorvastatin (Lipitor), simvastatin (ZocorVytorin).


fexofenadine (Allegra)

Some type of calcium channel blockers (blood pressure drugs):

felodipine (Plendil), nifedipine (AdalatProcardia)

Certain psychiatric drugs: 

buspirone (BuSpar), triazolam(Halcion), carbamazepine (Tegretol), diazepam (Valium), midazolam (Versed), sertraline (Zoloft)

Some immunosuppressants: 

cyclosporine (Neoral),

tacrolimus (Prograf)

Certain pain medications: 


The impotence drug:

(erectile dysfunction): sildenafil (Viagra)

Some HIV medication:

saquinavir (Invirase)

Some antiarrhythmics:

amiodarone (Cordarone, Pacerone)

There are alternatives to many of these drugs. So, talk to your doctor about the possibility of using a different medication if avoiding grapefruit juice is not an option.

When you’re starting a new medication, it’s always a good idea to ask your doctor or pharmacist about any potential interactions between the new medication and foods, supplements, or other drugs you’re already taking.

WebMD Medical Reference Reviewed by Melinda Ratini, DO, MS on October 24, 2017

Sources: © 2017 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far. It means you care about helping and doing the right thing.



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