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What the USDA Has to Say

Dear Reader,

Mrs. Conaway came across this news a few months ago … maybe in June. Anyway, after reading it she wondered why it’s not being talked about and so upon revisiting the article here is her take on it.

The first time Mrs. Conaway saw an article on this was titled … THE USDA LEGALIZED THC – BUT NO ONE NOTICED.

W H A T T T T ? ? ?

The US Department of Agriculture is sort of the enacting arm of the government with regards to the transportation and regulation of the amounts of THC in the plant.

This article is a hoot! When you read it, you will know what I mean and I will leave the links in the bottom of the post.

I won’t drag it out but suffice to say today is this …

Mark Singleton who is the owner of Singleton Investments says, “This removes the argument of .3% THC.” He is referring to the designation that hemp-derived CBD is legal as long as there is less than .3% THC. If hemp THC is legal then it doesn’t matter whether it is .3% or not.”

What is he talking about you say? He is saying that cannabis plants have buds/flowers. These can have high THC levels. Hemp as in let’s say the industrial type which is extremely low in THC. These plants which are like fraternal twins – similar but different enough in uses. They both can have their THC levels altered down the road to contain more or less THC/CBD.

The way they determined what is an acceptable level of THC is from a study conducted to find out what level of THC could make you high. 0.3% was determined to be that number. Some people needed more some needed less. No specific determining factor is linked to the amount other than it was a median number in the study via observation. Not very scientific.

Key to note: “If hemp-derived THC is now legal and can cross state lines, it will be close to impossible for law enforcement to determine the difference between cannabis-derived THC and hemp-derived THC. This USDA bulletin could have effectively descheduled cannabis. Singleton believes Congress will be forced to act quickly to legalize cannabis since the USDA has jumped the gun.”

Have a HalfLit lollipop or a joint as you read and enjoy the fun!

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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Unscrupulous Vendors – Are You One?

Dear Reader …

Have you heard that CVS is going to carry CBD in it’s stores? It’s sort of been spoken of in laughing tones. Who in their healthy mind would buy CBD from a drug store? The unknowing and vulnerable to the hype… that’s who. And while some look down on anyone who buys CBD in a drug store they need to remember this … no matter where you buy it, sell it or use it, you run the risk of the FDA wrath.

Mrs. Conaway believes that the FDA is fearful of losing control since their failure and ability to create sweeping and encompassing regulations for us to adhere to is choking them and so they are nitpicking.

Some background is in order. The FDA is still monitoring the CBD craze with an eagle eye. Anything you say or make claims to say with regard to health is suspect. Why? My wild guess is Big Pharma is on their tail to drag the Sacred Plant and its compounds to the trash heap and deprive us of the easy access we so desire to have.

In a letter to Curaleaf, the FDA states that based on available evidence their C BD products are excluded from status as a dietary supplement by definition. The letter to Curaleaf says that items listed on their website are … WAIT! Let me just copy and paste it here …

In the letter, the FDA referred to CuraLeaf products as “unapproved and misbranded human drugs products.” They stated that various items listed for sale on their website are considered “drugs under section 201(g)(1) of the FD&C Act, 21 U.S.C. 321(g)(1), because they are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease and/or intended to affect the structure or any function of the body.”

“Some of the noted medical claims include using a CBD vape pen for chronic pain and inflammation, and using CBD oil for anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other mental health disorders. Let it be known that these warnings were in reference to both products that were for sale, as well as articles on the company’s blog. To find these claims, the FDA looked Curaeaf’s company website and all of their social media accounts.”

The FDA also is attacking their pet CBD as erroneous due to the failure to satisfy pet drug safety due to lack of scientific training and experience to evaluate safety and effectiveness yada yada yada …

The bottom line is this … it is important to market and share your views and efficacy of CBD with the public using the utmost documented care. The FDA is continuing to call CBD a drug and treating it as if it’s still on the Schedule 1 table. The problem is that although it’s been allowed for growing, it’s not been properly vetted to be sold as an alternative to medicine and therefore, still falls under a drug moniker. The FDA is saying the legal application to test, evaluate and bring it to market has to be done according to their requirements. The legal part of CBD is it MUST CONTAIN ONLY 0.3% PER DRY WEIGHT of THC.

Keep in mind that CBD is sold in states according to their rules and regulations. Federal law is another story and the FDA is really in a struggle to keep up with the attacks on producers, processors and end users.

VIOLATIONS. That is the way the FDA is attacking big companies like Curaleaf. They are a fine company and the FDA is splitting hairs in dissecting their website and social media statements. This could happen to you and my admonition is this … be extremely careful when making claims. Have the testing, testimony and outright great product you are promoting available and configured to keep you in the clear. It’s bad enough that advertising is hard for us, being sloppy about it helps no one and gives the FDA and Big Pharma ammunition to shut us down.

Here’s the link to read it yourself.

Until Cannabis is 100% legal, protect yourself with regard to making claims and if necessary, consult a lawyer who works in the industry.

There is some conflict about he legality of THC. Keep in touch and read “What the USDA Has to Say.”

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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You Can Find Your Cannabis Strain!

Dear Reader,

Mrs. Conaway here to share something I believe you will find fascinating! All of you are familiar with DNA and the testing it does to discover your ancestral lines in the family, right? Well, here is a new take on that which is absolutely cool.

Nothing is more fun than the twists and turns in research which result it great things to know or to do. Well, although Mrs. Conaway is a fan of many things, she’s not too cool on DNA sampling ever since the big Pharma companies have snapped up a few of the companies.

Not everyone feels like she does, so I’ll share with you a new and very interesting way to enjoy your cannabis. You simply submit your DNA and you will get in return the profile of the cannabis that is unique for you to enjoy and benefit from the use of it.


A company has come up with a way to help you avoid the wrong choice in the strain of cannabis you use. How simply easy to avoid a negative and unpleasant event or to find its ineffective on you but works great on your buddy? Wouldn’t you like to take advantage of that experience and know you are using the best cannabis strain for YOU? Dear Reader, of course you would!

This post is happening simply because safety is my utmost concern for the people who turn to cannabis for pain management and for enjoyment although that’s less important to me, I know my people love it and so to help everyone to be the best cannabis user of any type of cannabis, this is for you.

Allow me to highlight some of the amazing cool things for you in case you are too busy to access their website:

       A Strain Genie test kit is available for your DNA sample

       Raw data from 23andMe or Ancestry can be uploaded

       They have a Strain Genie blog

You can check out a sample report to see what you’d be receiving

Sign up for their cannabis science monthly emails

If you aren’t sure where to get your recommended cannabis, they have a WoahStork service to make that possible although, for now the delivery service is only available in California. You can contact them for more information.

Worth noting for those who are looking for CBD cartridges with no THC you can find it here under and this makes a difference for those who are under any drug screening rules in the workplace. Mrs. Conaway will be adding this product soon to her Los Angeles Natural Health Emporium.

As a footnote to this interesting company, you have an Endocannabinoid System in your body that you are born with. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for you to also be able to learn which strain works in complete harmony with your ECS.

Think about it. Look at this amazing opportunity here …

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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Why Do You Charge So Much?

The question is why should it be free? Do you do your work for free? Many people feel that they deserve a free consultation just because someone else offers it for free too.The idiocy of this kind of thinking is this … no one values free.

Your body deserves the best attention you can give it otherwise, Mrs. Conaway wonders why you are here? If your body is not of prime importance to you, then by all means please leave and go get the free you believe you deserve.

Do you often see the high priced cars parked with the lower end cars? No. Why not? Because they want it to have the best care and park it where it is the safest using a valet. Do you carry your diamond ring in your bag like loose change? No, you store it safely when not in use.

But you expect to get free health advice and think it will make a difference? Stuff you can easily find on the internet? Chances are that you will ignore the advice given and seek out another free session to see if this one will tell you what you want to hear – not what you need to know.

Tips, guides to narrow down the choices, explanations of dis-eases, learning about how to do or what to do are all valuable facts available for free. However, without a coach or doctor to actually assist you in implementing your health regimen, you will be like a person who teaches himself to drive with no teacher at all. You will certainly have accidents, setbacks, wasted costs on things that were unnecessary and the list goes on.

I paid a lot of money to learn how to help people and like everyone else, I want to compensated for my time spent making you healthy. Is your time inexpensive? I am not a minimum wage cannabis health coach. I am prime cannabis health coach. My teachers are the best in the world and I will not squander their teaching and training on people who don’t care about their health enough to seek out the best. Do the math and you will see that you are getting so much more than you are being billed for. And to see the results of beautiful health, I am happy with what I feel is a fair price.

No government entity will compensate me with a kickback so you can enjoy a lower rate. No doctor so far in America will help you manage your pain or health with cannabis at the rate I am charging. If you don’t believe me go and search. Most of the time the free or super low cost consult leads to open ended answers that do not define your needs until you pass some cash over and then you get the real results.

Check this out. I have a few charity cases. In one case, it’s working out fine. In another, we’ve hit a roadblock. Cannabis is not the answer for everyone. Keep that in mind. We’ve been at it for a good 3 months trying to find the correct way to manage the health of this person but it just is not happening. We cannot understand why and may never know. I have my not too wild guess but I cannot say what it is out of concern for the clients insistence that it exists.

For the record … the INITIAL CONSULT is free! In this Initial Consult we make the determination if this is a good fit for you. Now, what does that mean? Well the outcome should be an agreement between us that you will work diligently, honestly and as thoroughly as you can to get your health up to speed.

This means once we agree and you pay the cost your first step will be to fill out and return the NUTRI BODY QUESTIONNAIRE. This is IMPERATIVE! Without making a start in turning your nutritional health into a prime condition, how will you ever have optimal absorption of the cannabis? Every effort on both parts of the deal must be engaged.

To wrap this up, let me say this … the INITIAL CONSULT is free so that Mrs. Conaway does not separate you from your hard earned money only to find out that we are not a good fit for your health. I am so happy you appreciate that important point.

We do look forward to speaking with you and please note that you will be given some helpful information even though you decline to use our service. If you do engage and we begin the process of reclaiming your health, you will have the tools for healthy living for the rest of your life. Remember that.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Dear Readers,

I would like to share something I read this week that surprised me not because it was new although I did not know it had a name. Way back when we first learned about the Endocannabinoid system, we learned that if you abuse it with too much cannabis, it can shut down.

Well, Mrs. Conaway is convinced that this article is a description of the Endocannabinoid system and what happens when it shuts down. So, let me start at the beginning. As usual there is lots of technical jargon which is passed because we need laymen’s terms to really grasp it’s importance. Big words sound like showing off.

I will post the link to the article if you are interested, at the end of my post.


The amount of suffering the human body is truly amazing. A fact Big Pharma knows because they tend to create issue after issue resulting in more sales of drugs … but that is not what this is about. This is about a man who suffered chronic nausea and episodes of something called “cyclical vomiting” for 12 years! And, although he had dozens of doctors, they couldn’t nail a diagnosis.

CANNABINOID HYPEREMESIS SYNDROME aka CHS is what he had. This condition was figured out by researchers in 2004 and mainly experienced by daily/frequent users.

Things to look for: Chronic nausea and cyclical vomiting relieved by exposure to hot water.

This man figures he went to the emergency room 30 separate times and was in the hospital 2 times. He had an iffy gallbladder removal and had so much radiation procedures performed that he can’t do them anymore. It’s too risky.

He was only 20 years old when he started having symptoms. CHS had only been recognized months before by a team of doctors in Australia and this was in 2005. It was 10 years later that their discovery would make it to America. By then he’s spent 200 thousand in medical bills!

In his words, “I would consistently wake up in the morning with nausea,” Greg Lontchar explains of the symptoms he’d come to associate with CHS. “It was like a pit in my stomach, almost like a feeling of extreme hunger.”

Managing his symptoms meant eating light and consuming cannabis, as he’d done daily for two years, both before and after meals—first to stimulate his appetite and later to ease the discomfort related to having put down some food.

“The mornings where the nausea could not be controlled typically meant I was going to have an episode,” remembers Lontchar.

A CHS episode, or attack, means ceaseless vomiting. Lontchar describes physically demanding periods of violent and painful regurgitation followed by fevers, chills, cold sweats and, eventually, more vomiting. Rinse and repeat.

So, he figured out that hot water made it stop. He’d eventually just sit in the shower until the hot water ran out. That had to be crazy! What makes this story worse is he never went longer than about 30 minutes before it would happen until he couldn’t take it and went to the emergency room.

You would think that at some point he would figure out that no pot equaled no pain, but my guess is he never stopped long enough to see that happen.

Some history on the research. The researchers became aware of the daily use of cannabis and cyclic vomiting syndrome in 1996 and 8 years more before they named it and 20 years until it was added to the 2016 revised version of the ROME IV – a reference to all thing’s functional gastrointestinal disorders. This whole period saw an increase in hundreds of daily users who had the chronic nausea, vomiting and relief from hot showers. And quitting cannabis of course so if the users knew this why did they keep using it? No answer here.

At first they thought it was a psychological reason. Once they noticed the way the misery stopped with showers and no smoking, they reasoned it must be physical. So the bulk of the research revolved about diagnosing and treating and not why it happened.

Dr. Jeff Lapoint is one of the few who are aware of CHS. And of course, cannabis lovers will deny this is true but his determination, like most things happened when working on something else. His theory is that a receptor known as vanilloid 1 which responds to heat may be involved. Capsaicin, the heat in hot peppers, activates the vanilloid 1 receptor. (Sorry about the tech talk but it’s needed here.) He tested his idea using the capsaicin in 2013 and in 2017 wrote that in 20 cases symptoms were successfully relieved when using a topical capsaicin treatment.

Here’s the beauty of his hypothesis. CHS results from derangements of the endocannabinoid system’s CB1 receptors following overstimulation.

  • My memory was nudged when I read this because in my certification course, I I read about other issues with using it too much. In our book, Cannabis for Chronic Pain by Dr. Rav Ivker, DO, ABIHM he said something similar.
  • On page 25 he warns, … b. Avoid using any high-THC product on a daily basis. The following documented adverse effects are Chronic and result from marijuana with relatively high THC content that has been smoked daily, unless otherwise stated.

Dr. Ivker goes on to state the reasons he has for this but my connection of this warning by him and the hypothesis posed by Dr. Lapoint is that they are similar in that both point to chronic use of THC daily as the culprit.

We know that the strains of marijuana are much more powerful today as they are specially bred to be high in THC. This might also contribute to the problems. Right now, I can’t recall where I read or heard that the Endocannabinoid system is fragile and what I mean is you can disable it if you ingest too much cannabis. When I do come across it, I will update this post with the details so you can read it for yourself. It’s your body’s guard so please take care of it.

This is taken from the article about Dr. Lapoint where he says it’s over stimulation and might be because of the powerful strains of todays chemovars. “We know that in laboratory settings, if you bombard the CB1 receptor, it just goes inside the cell,” explains Lapoint. “If you keep hitting it and hitting it, it just disappears. It goes inside the cell.”

“So that, I believe, is the core pathophysiology of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome,” he continues. “You’ve hit this cannabinoid receptor so many times and… your body is looking for another way to hit that system. That’s what [the vanilloid 1 receptor] does. That’s why the hot bath works. It’s remodulating this nerve transmitter regulatory system that’s gone totally haywire.”

Just in case you think you can abuse your system, here is a cost breakdown of a CHS related ER visit. It rose from $2,758.43 to $4,647.62 over 8 years, 2006-1013. In 2019, for 17 patients treated the total cost of ED visits and radiologic evaluations – the average cost per patient was $76,920.92 and that was before the diagnosis was made!!!

Balance in life is so important so be careful of your cannabis use and alter it every so often or give it a break to enable the endocannabinoid system to recover. The astronomical medical bills will hurt longer than the CHS once it’s figured out that’s what it is. You don’t want o end up on opioids, cat scans and cameras in pills in your body. If you are going to need it when you develop true work related or age related chronic pain and can’t use it because you burned out your Endocannabinoid system, you will be in a world of hurt.

Enjoy your cannabis responsibly!

*Matt Stangel, June 20, 2019 Real or Not, Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome Is a Costly Diagnosis

*Dr. Rav Ivker, Cannabis for Chronic Pain Touchstone 2017

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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The LowDown on CBD Concentrates

Thank you to for posting this excellent article, “Part 1, What Are Cannabis Concentrates, Oils, and Extracts?” which I will now elaborate upon.

As a non-consumer of flower (Mrs. Conaway does not smoke pot … yet) its very important that we share the value of knowing more than just about recreational uses of cannabis otherwise known as pot, ganga, hashish, etc. anyway. Since many folks do consume or want to consume cannabis, we need details.

As an avid and devoted follower of CBD oil, Mrs. Conaway has since become a cannabis health coach. Why would you need one you ask? Because, as I’ve learned, it’s not as easy as smoking or carelessly using a whole bottle of oil because you don’t know any better or rushed through it as if it was a regular Big Pharma drug. Some pre-caution is needed.


Innovative creatives out there are dreaming up more ways to consume cannabis than ever thought possible. How it went from smoking in a rolling paper to exotic dabs and pens is beyond me. You have hybrids to smoke, more flavors to vape, consume or drop. In other words, it’s more fun to get healthy and pain free than ever before!

Let’s get on with it shall we? Our discussion is on Cannabis concentrates.

Mrs. Conaway was as ignorant as a baby learning to walk when she first discovered CBD. My whole world is turned upside down due to the implications of using such an amazing tool to manage pain and health.


Let’s start with CBD since it’s out there like false eyelashes on women. Everyone sees it everywhere and wonders how the hell…? First of all, the whole bottle is not all CBD oil. It’s got milligrams of CBD oil mixed with what we call a “carrier” oil and if it’s not a cheap version it will be made using MCT (unrefined hopefully since it’s the best.)

It may also be made of the following also: Sunflower oil, Avocado oil, grapeseed oil, hempseed oil and a few more. The CBD is suspended in the “carrier” oil due to the fact that the CBD is so small it would take you forever to get it right.

This essentially enables swift intake and storage. The shake the bottle factor is what makes sure the CBD is evenly distributed throughout so you get the correct dosage. It’s sometimes flavored because the original may scare people away. To be honest, the cinnamon has a burn factor but it’s still pretty cool.

The CBD oil itself it put through one of many processes. The process used is based on the manufacturer’s choice. None are under any regulation to use other than being clean, safe, accurate and right for the job. The process itself is what creates the concentrate which is like it sounds. Concentrate: Removal of water or fluid to obtain a concentrated form of the desired product.

If you only knew what you are not getting. Well, I’ll tell you what you don’t get that the concentrate of CBD oil is missing. Dirt, pigments, flavors, bioactive compounds, chlorophyll, pesticides, microbial growth, heavy metals, etc. Be thankful for this process.

Ahhh! The good part. No smoking of extracts making everyone give you the dirty look you get using reefer. Under the tongue is where it goes, and you hold it there as long as possible, so it absorbs into the thin oral tissues for maximum absorption.

You don’t need as much to get the experience you are seeking. So, it’s an efficient way and easy to use. 20-30 minutes and you are on your way to managing pain or whatever.

CBD Capsules

But! That’s not all! CBD comes in as stated above, oil or known also as tinctures. It comes in capsules which takes longer, like 2 hours longer. It’s important to start low … 5mg and add more if you need it. Plus, capsules have no taste and if you can’t swallow pills easily, there are more ways to solve that problem below.

An advantage of capsule use is that it’s measured and specific. If you want to micro-manage use, this is the way to go. You would start a capsule at the 5-10 mg and work up if necessary. The gel is usually made out of gelatin, but most are vegetarian and I have no idea how that happens. Gelatin being from cows is what I do know. Ask before you buy!

The capsules might have olive oil to fill up the space in the capsule. These are also helpful to avoid taking too much or too little once you figure out your dose. Taking the same time daily also assures you are getting it when you need to keep a routine. They travel easily with no mess unless you do something that causes a leak.

The downside is they aren’t cheap and only go up to 250 mg per capsule. The difference in the hemp oil in capsules is different from the oils however, I have yet to find out why. Just letting you know.

CBD Vaporizers

Well, as I was at a dispensary certification there’s more to learn here. Cartridges are not yet tested but soon will be tested for lead content. Be extremely careful not to let a cartridge sit in the hot car or sun for too long as it will leach lead.

Should you decide you wanna look cool with your cartridge of awesomely scented oil then this is your tool. Vaporize to your hearts content with this CBD delivery method. It takes minutes to work on you.

Cool fun fact! Vape oil is made for inhalation not for oral intake as a rule. The vape “juice” is more of a distillate. It should not contain any actual oil at all. Keep that in mind and do not be fooled into trying an oil. Nothing more than CBD extract, terpenes, VG, PG or cannabinoids should be used to vape with.

Cartridges come pre-loaded and are used connected to a standard 510 battery. You can find all sorts of cartridge variations. JUUL users can switch easily between e-cig and CBD vaping.

As for dosing, dear readers please be cautious until you become familiar with your needs and the products.

Start low and with vape cartridges containing 100mg of CBD, expect to get 1-2 mg with each puff. My Leafly article says that if you use a CBD pen or tank, you will be taking a bit more CBD per puff.

The device and strength of the vape juice matters so be aware of your what you are doing especially for pain management. It’s too expensive to waste.

Shatter, Wax and Dabs

Not here. This is CBD and they are THC.

CBD Dosing

On all forms of CBD delivery, start low and work your way up. Use intervals of 6 hours to monitor the effect. Increase gradually either by the drop or by 5 mg per increase.

10-30 mg for mild use is normal and for chronic pain, monthly inflammation or hangovers you might use 200-750 mg per day. 1000 mg per day is do-able but that’s serious pain management and should be used under the coaching of a caregiver, cannabis coach or doctor.

Stop adding once you get the effect you are seeking. On occasion, give it a rest.

It’s not so good to wear out the endocannabinoid system so a break of a day or two every few months is good for you.

Getting High?

Not possible unless your family friend, member or enemy gave you an oil polluted with enough THC to cause you to test dirty or get high when you wanted something else like just to relax.

CBD is from mainly industrial hemp although it can be made from strains high in CBD which might have THC but generally these are labeled as such and are used for serious issues requiring more potency than just industrial CBD.

It’s doubtful that most folks will pay attention to things like this but it’s absolutely true … too much of a high from THC can be leveled out by having CBD. When your buddy is flipping out from a high THC strain unexpectedly, CBD can be taken to reduce that and bring calm instead.

If you see someone pretending to be high from CBD, have them committed because it’s just not possible … even if they had a gallon of it, in which case they would be in the throne room for a long time.

Legal or Not?

By now friends, you ought to know the laws. If you don’t know the laws in your state, find out before you get your joy taken away by a police or state trooper or your boss.

Death and Taxes

No one has died a documented death from cannabis unless it was from the shock of paying taxes while ingesting – in which case it’s not the cannabis’ fault. People have died from their tax shock.


Like so many grocery stores where you buy meat, you should shop the same way for CBD or any cannabis products. Compare, ask questions, research or if you really trust your friend follow their recommendation.

Personally, Mrs. Conaway would never use something like this unless she personally saw the formerly crippled with pain suddenly walk. Which she did, so she’s a believer. Really, use common sense and if you don’t have that, ask your Mom or spouse or someone you trust to lead the way for you.


It’s called a Certificate of Analysis or Compliance. It’s impossible to understand but it scares the heck out of the retailer who now believes you know your stuff and so they are less inclined to sell you the garbage stuff.

Believe me, people have been ripped off tremendously so only patronize the good dispensaries. I recommend a collective or medical dispensary for high quality products. Let’s be honest, no one ever asked their buddy what was in the joint every-one is toking on so why the sudden care? The reason is managing pain is the opposite of getting high for fun.

Almost Slipped My Mind!


Mrs. Conaway will elaborate on that more later on. Don’t do it!

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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Fighting The Wrong Drug War

Choices my dears, choices! We’ve had choices for as long as people existed, thank you Lord! We have highly potent doctor prescribed drugs that will knock you off your feet and people are swallowing and shooting these drugs with no complaint.

Oddly enough, I hated anything that would make me “out of it.” Alcohol, pills, pot, prescription (first time was my first pregnancy, Demerol) and that sort of thing. I still do. My biggest fear is being woozy to say nothing of the dreaded hangover (which I now manage with CBD if I get too drunk). I like beer but not so much that I want to have the beer belly and poor health.

I was 42 when I had my first beer. 21 when I had pot that scared me so bad, I still won’t smoke it. I don’t give a damn how good it is.

My foray into Cannabis was quite by accident. As a pain reliever and cancer inhibitor I cannot stop singing the praises. All this got me to thinking about the way so many people are afraid of cannabis. A fear that has nothing to do with using the product because many of us (living today) never have used it as medicine

Well, it goes back to creation. The plant has popularity with so many people and was used in rituals, drinks, potions, salves, oil tinctures, edibles, smoke. The same way we are using it today.

But there was a guy who was literally the enemy of the people in that he is the reason so many of us looked at it as it was from the devil himself and not God.

The despicable varmint himself was named Harry Anslinger. You can research him to learn more. It’s awful to write his name. He’s done such a disservice to humanity.

My father might be alive had it not been for his take down of Cannabis. In 1930, prior to Prohibition ending he was the first commissioner of the FBN which evolved to the DEA of today. He laid the foundation for the war on drugs that we still face today.

There are some serious instances where we need the war on drugs, unfortunately the guns are pointed in the wrong direction! Big Pharma is doing more destruction with their drugs than Cannabis ever did or will.

He was a two-face … in his early days he had no real issues over Cannabis. Power really does go to peoples head and they are deviant when they find a way to hurt people and use it too!

As head of the FBN, he needed a way to create a bullshit legacy because he wasn’t happy just doing his job. Nope, this creep went after all drugs, but his biggest catch was the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 because it gave him power. He ardently promoted it’s passage.

His partner in crime who supported his nefarious devious lying corrupt demonization of Cannabis was William Randolph Hearst. With such a wide circulation and with the greatest racism ever tolerated, those two set out to ruin the lives and reputation of blacks, Latinos and anyone who favored them.

He used the term, “marijuana” because it gave him the means to attach the evil weed to Latinos. He gave it the association of music like jazz because the jazz musicians were black.

It’s not a very proud time in America’s history and so many people were fearful of people of any color that was not theirs. He focused on the altar of his puffed-up ego and desire to be someone.

It’s hard to understand that kind of hatred but this is not about that. I wanted to give people a way to understand how something so innocently good could give way to what I really feel is limitlessly evil compared to Cannabis and that is Big Pharma and huge drug companies like Bayer, Merck, and all the small ones they’ve swallowed up that are no longer around.

Bayer participated in the Nazi Holocaust as part of IG Farben which supplied drugs and the gas for the Nazi’s to use on Jews and everyone they felt like.

Bayer (the cheapskate) used blood from high risk people to make a Factor Vlll and l X which was supposed to clot blood of hemophiliacs but instead gave thousands of hemophiliacs HIV-tainted blood plasma passed away.

In the 1990’s, Bayer ripped off the Federal government to the tune of $14 million dollars! And, today Bayer is still big in contraceptives industry even though their contraceptive drug Yaz or Yasmin in 2001 caused cardiac arrest and women died from it.

And now Bayer is owner of the most disgusting company on the plant, Monsanto.

Why all this? Because people are still in fear of a plant that never killed anyone. A plant that has cancer stopping or healing properties that are unheard of and yet it’s still held up as something to be avoided at all costs.

As a Cannabis Health Coach, my mission is to educate people about Cannabis. They need to know that its only destructive habit is the one used relentlessly as a tool by the Big Pharma and government agencies that will have no job once it’s legal. Instead, the government might turn on the real killers of prescription meds and really put an end to the destruction of people in pain by limiting Big Pharma. I can dream …

Remember this, the pharmaceutical industry, the hospitals and doctors need patients so they really do cure one thing and replace it with another thing of debilitating issue to keep people forking over billions of dollars.

Pain, in most cases other than those who can’t have grapefruit, can be managed magnificently by Cannabis and it’s double-duty compound THC.

Please, if you want to learn more, visit my website, and let’s have a conversation. Set up a free engagement to have your questions answered.

Surely, you know that if I have no answer or the remedy, I do know who does! My teachers are the best and have more in their arsenal to fight pain. However, I am confident that I have what you need.

  • Cydney Adams “The man behind the marijuana ban for all the wrong reasons” November 17, 2016 / 5:45 PM / CBS News
  • “The Dark History of Bayer Drugs”

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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Are You a Safety Hazard on The Job?

Right up front let’s take care of the Transportation industry employees. You are subject to random drug testing no matter what and, in some cases may be fired or not hired for refusing.

Are you at risk of losing your job because you used Cannabis to manage pain?

That leaves a lot more people who may not understand how it works for them. It’s important to know. Since the growth of the Cannabis industry is going to have an impact on passing a drug screen workers need to know how to handle testing.

Did you show signs of impairment because you made a mistake on your dose? Or got called into work to replace someone and didn’t expect to be tested?

Well, it turns out that in many private companies the rules vary state to state.

Employers can do testing. They have must let you know upfront how they will be managing their drug screening … either before or after hiring or randomly. The testing has to be the same for everyone.

In some states blanket tests or random tests are forbidden. They must have a valid reason.

Refusal might cost you the job or even denial of unemployment benefits.

If you feel you had an unfair outcome, you can challenge with the testers not meeting the strict rules for form and procedure of your state law. Just so you know, urine tests must be tested on the spot because they have a short time frame of like 5 minutes to test the specimen. If you fail, ask to see the timing of the results.

Your unusual actions while under the influence if you are high will most assuredly be enough reason to have you tested.

There are also state and municipal areas where laws regulate work related testing. Investigate where you stand if you want to use Cannabis and avoid the risk of job loss.

The laws that regulate drug screens protect the workers and workers are more at risk in states that have no laws regulating testing. They can do it without warning where laws give you protection and a chance at a shot of avoiding being dirty.

Physically forcing you to test is a great case for a civil suit against an employer for assault and battery. Probably a rare thing.

The Americans with Disabilities Act covers the employee who is hampered and cannot react within the manner or time required by company rules.

And there is always the case of being targeted due to race, religion or sex and if you can prove you were treated differently, that is a claim for discrimination. Do not be intimidated by anyone if you are discriminated against.

Reach out to an employment lawyer if you feel you are treated with discrimination, not accommodated due to a disability or misled by someone twisting rules to fit their agenda to get you fired.

Be careful to use all medications and Cannabis responsibly. Safety is key for you and your company. Don’t be the one that messes it up for everyone. Consult a Cannabis Coach like myself that can help you use it correctly or not at all if you risk losing your job. There are employers who may work with you too. Never hurts to ask or look for a job that fits your needs.

Cannabis is so useful for managing pain and it’s use will be increasing as time moves on. Let’s face it, many workers have accidents because of pain and if they were able to manage it using Cannabis instead of prescription drugs which are just as bad as being stoned, accidents might go down in the workplace. To say nothing of the calming influence of Cannabis reducing tempers and hotheadedness.

Use products that provide Certificate of Analysis and ask questions at the dispensary or the network company you are purchasing from. Know what you are buying and using. Use it with care to avoid over use and possible job loss because of it.

I cannot stress how important it is that you use quality product. From the product itself to the mode of delivery. Take note, the vape pens can have lots of lead. Lots of it. Recently, it came up in a live training how dangerous the pens are with regard to being tested for lead. Purchase quality within your budget.

Mrs. Conaway is hopeful that with doctor prescribed Cannabis for pain management the random drug test will go the way of the dinosaur. It’s coming soon because I read that on May 25, 2019 Colorado is going to allow doctors to prescribe Cannabis instead of opioids. Looking pretty good over there!

Let’s become active in working to legalize Cannabis in the workplace for employees who love their jobs and work in spite of debilitating pain. The people need help so badly.

You can begin by visiting the NORML office or events in your area and learning what you can do to become involved.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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Certification is Everything!

Dear Readers,

Today in the world of Cannabis, there is a lot of new snake oil sales going on. People are so grossly misinformed and selling to make a buck and not realizing the danger they present.

Not that making a buck is wrong but doing it without knowing the challenges you face is scary. Like, when you tell someone how great CBD is and yet cannot tell them why or scientifically what it does is a such a discredit to the plant. Or, without knowing if their doctor prescribed meds will interact in any way with the CBD/THC and what to do if it does.

I was like that. I knew it worked but could never give an answer to questions that convinced me either. I was selling based on my experience with CBD not plant knowledge or legal or medical knowledge.

Once I took care of that big hole in my skillset, I am better serving those who cross my path. And, the latest certification I added comes from going to an Orange County NORML event that was held at ModernBuds in Long Beach, CA.

There were some serious people doing the speaking and I am so happy that I was able to be part of it.

We heard from:

  • Keiko Beatie of Green Wave Relations ( @greenwaverelations )
  • Iman Jalalian, founder of 4i20Staffing ( (714) 486-4790 )
  • Kandice Hawes-Lopez, Director of Orange County NORML (
  • Nate Winokur, VP of Strategy and Operations of Belcosta Labs in Long Beach (
  • William Britt Founder of the Association of Patient Advocates. (

These people took the time to serve us and they gave us so much useful information and more. The purpose of the event was to enable people who are interested in working in a cannabis dispensary. The tools they need to be informed and helpful to the buyers/guests at the dispensaries.

There is a need for people to be informed. Correctly informed. Not promoting CBD/THC use based on misinformation. That will never serve the needs of people who can benefit so much from the supplement of the cannabis plant.

Thank you to the presenters and I hope to make it to many more of these events.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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To Titrate or Not to Titrate?

It’s mind boggling to Mrs. Conaway why science has to use such pesky names for everyday little things like adjusting or trying out a little bit at a time.


MEDICINE: Continuously measure and adjust the balance of (a physiological function or drug dosage).

That’s the Dictionary definition. When I listen to people speak and they use the word titrate as if we should know what it means automatically.

I believe they are either showing off or they hope they sound smarter than they are.

It’s simply a way of saying you start low and slow and adjust up until you are where you want to be.

There is that troublesome world that no one really knows but you hear CBD/THC professionals use it as if everyone knows what they are talking about and that’s decarboxylate or decarboxylation. That one sounded so scary and all it means is to fire up the weed to get the psychoactive (another big word) properties going.

Well that’s my teaching for today.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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