Right up front let’s take care of the Transportation industry employees. You are subject to random drug testing no matter what and, in some cases may be fired or not hired for refusing.

Are you at risk of losing your job because you used Cannabis to manage pain?

That leaves a lot more people who may not understand how it works for them. It’s important to know. Since the growth of the Cannabis industry is going to have an impact on passing a drug screen workers need to know how to handle testing.

Did you show signs of impairment because you made a mistake on your dose? Or got called into work to replace someone and didn’t expect to be tested?

Well, it turns out that in many private companies the rules vary state to state.

Employers can do testing. They have must let you know upfront how they will be managing their drug screening … either before or after hiring or randomly. The testing has to be the same for everyone.

In some states blanket tests or random tests are forbidden. They must have a valid reason.

Refusal might cost you the job or even denial of unemployment benefits.

If you feel you had an unfair outcome, you can challenge with the testers not meeting the strict rules for form and procedure of your state law. Just so you know, urine tests must be tested on the spot because they have a short time frame of like 5 minutes to test the specimen. If you fail, ask to see the timing of the results.

Your unusual actions while under the influence if you are high will most assuredly be enough reason to have you tested.

There are also state and municipal areas where laws regulate work related testing. Investigate where you stand if you want to use Cannabis and avoid the risk of job loss.

The laws that regulate drug screens protect the workers and workers are more at risk in states that have no laws regulating testing. They can do it without warning where laws give you protection and a chance at a shot of avoiding being dirty.

Physically forcing you to test is a great case for a civil suit against an employer for assault and battery. Probably a rare thing.

The Americans with Disabilities Act covers the employee who is hampered and cannot react within the manner or time required by company rules.

And there is always the case of being targeted due to race, religion or sex and if you can prove you were treated differently, that is a claim for discrimination. Do not be intimidated by anyone if you are discriminated against.

Reach out to an employment lawyer if you feel you are treated with discrimination, not accommodated due to a disability or misled by someone twisting rules to fit their agenda to get you fired.

Be careful to use all medications and Cannabis responsibly. Safety is key for you and your company. Don’t be the one that messes it up for everyone. Consult a Cannabis Coach like myself that can help you use it correctly or not at all if you risk losing your job. There are employers who may work with you too. Never hurts to ask or look for a job that fits your needs.

Cannabis is so useful for managing pain and it’s use will be increasing as time moves on. Let’s face it, many workers have accidents because of pain and if they were able to manage it using Cannabis instead of prescription drugs which are just as bad as being stoned, accidents might go down in the workplace. To say nothing of the calming influence of Cannabis reducing tempers and hotheadedness.

Use products that provide Certificate of Analysis and ask questions at the dispensary or the network company you are purchasing from. Know what you are buying and using. Use it with care to avoid over use and possible job loss because of it.

I cannot stress how important it is that you use quality product. From the product itself to the mode of delivery. Take note, the vape pens can have lots of lead. Lots of it. Recently, it came up in a live training how dangerous the pens are with regard to being tested for lead. Purchase quality within your budget.

Mrs. Conaway is hopeful that with doctor prescribed Cannabis for pain management the random drug test will go the way of the dinosaur. It’s coming soon because I read that on May 25, 2019 Colorado is going to allow doctors to prescribe Cannabis instead of opioids. Looking pretty good over there!

Let’s become active in working to legalize Cannabis in the workplace for employees who love their jobs and work in spite of debilitating pain. The people need help so badly.

You can begin by visiting the NORML office or events in your area and learning what you can do to become involved.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

Email: >>> mrs.conaway@losangelesnaturalhealth.com 

Contact: >>> (855) THC-2CBD

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