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What’s Grandpa Smoking?

Dear Reader,

Right off the bat I am going to give you a link here >
This link is so you can check it out if you like and then come back for my take on it.

I am a senior and I’m so far blessed enough to not have any problems so I have not had to use cannabis for more than the CBD of it. I love the CBD and take it daily with short 3 day breaks every few months or so to give my Endocannabinoid system a rest.
The priming of my health pump is why it’s so important to me. One thing in the world that really hurts us is stress and the CBD is fantastic at keeping the body balanced even while under great stress. That is almost magical.

As for smoking or using marijuana in different ways, I find that amazing for everyone not just seniors. I think the shock is that seniors would use it. They have always been portrayed as dull, lifeless, immobile, boring and joy-killers with the rules we are constantly spouting.
One forgets that these useless seniors were once real badasses in their youth. They were swearing, screwing, insane party animals at one time. So, don’t be shocked when granny who used to ride a motorcycle and is now homebound smokes weed.

Weed in all it’s forms is good for everyone as medicine. One type gets you high but if your pain is great enough even the high would be welcome if the pain goes away. Edibles really help seniors the most because they are slow acting and when they kick in, the effect can last much longer than a quick puff.

The non-high CBD is absolutely great at helping with so many things and Mrs. Conaway can get in trouble promoting them. Nevertheless, if you have a physical mobility problem that you want to know if CBD can help, then get help picking one out.

There are so many types of cannabinoids available that you can almost specialty shop your pain reliever. And, the many inherent benefits of CBD such as the creation of homeostasis in your body, make it worth the time to learn about it.

Grandpa can smoke it, vape it, cook with it, eat it, rub it on and in general almost treat it like a food which in some cases it really is. Mrs. Conaway keeps Hemp Protein on hand for adding to cooking foods. Cannabis is much safer to use than alcoholic drinks which is legal but deadlier. You can get bad liver, and poor skin and hangovers and you definitely can’t drive safely under the influence of beer or whisky.

Cannabis has no hangovers and does not damage your liver UNLESS you use it in combination with other conventional doctor prescribed drugs. Then you can have a problem – so it is imperative that you get your doctor to approve your use of weed.

In the long run, do not be shocked when you are asked to get some weed for the seniors. They know what they are doing and if they want to know more all they need to do is ask Mrs. Conaway. If she has not got the answer, she knows where to go find it.


Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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