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Skin Cancer and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Dear Reader

In a discussion about skin cancer and attempting to treat it with Rick Simpson Oil, there is a large amount of eye roll. Yes, we are talking about the eye roll of disbelief. Allow Mrs. Conaway to attempt to remove your skepticism. Much has been written and stolen and re-written about Rick Simpson and his fabulous oil. FYI: Rick Simpson has 2 websites (1 & 2)and does not make the oil to sell to anyone and never has. He only has the how-to-do-it on his sites.

While searching for some evidence of the the oil working, I read an article on, where, within the first two sentences the writer trashed the oil. Why did it not stop there if there is no evidence that the oil treats cancer? They do not stop because that’s what they HAVE to say to keep the FDA off their case No one can make any claim as to the working successfully of cannabis. We must all circle around it when giving it any positive testimony of successful outcomes.

This is so sickening to Mrs. Conaway. There is an excellent video of Rick Simpson describing his journey with cannabis. He was harassed to the point of leaving Canada. He endured it all because of his devotion to helping people with cancerous issues. When you talk to people and see clear results of success in beating cancer, it makes you wonder why it is so hated by people. 

Much of the drama against the oil is created by folks who hate recreational marijuana because it is just people getting high. These same folks have no problem with alcohol drinking which gets you inebriated – the only term that is on a par with getting high. Along with many other drugs that are widely accepted like caffeine, alcohol, ibuprofen … they affect your body. Only cannabis is rejected outright.

Since Mrs. Conaway was at one time on the other side, she completely understand the reaction. It is solely based on ignorance as the evidence supporting cannabis for medicine is withheld by Big Pharma and smaller institutes that see a financial loss for themselves. Anyone can grown their own marijuana and make their own oil. What would happen if they did and had no need for conventional meds or doctors with their snaky way of diagnosing you. Test after test …

Cancerous Skin Lesion

As Mrs. Conaway had the opportunity to see firsthand how it works on skin cancer, the results have been amazing. The first sign was a place that itched. She was told it came and went. Until one day when the itch became unbearable and was scratched. At that point, it was noticed that it was a mole size sticking up kind of itch. Knowing it could be cancerous, steps were taken to identify it without going to a doctor. Oh no, a doc was not going to look at this. The insane number of tests and drugs and visits were out of the question.

The lucky lady was fortunate to have already kept some RSO on hand for situations that might arise. This is the time to use it. Placing a tiny dab on the 3 itchy spots, one was big and two were very tiny. The application was twice a day. She is happy to report that they are disappearing slowly and she expects a full recovery. Our purpose here is not to promote using anything but it is to give you the option to make an informed decision.

Many folks do not want to try cannabis until they are practically dead from the conventional care of hospitals, doctors and specialists. Mrs. Conaway is not saying they do not have their place but in the case of trying cannabis, they are ridiculously naïve. This is the fault of Big Pharma, the DEA and the FDA suppressing knowledge of how well it works and how truly safe it is to use.

Imagine your skin cancer going away? Or, your child not having a seizure. Or, your aunt being calm and not frenzied with anxiety. These are a few of the miraculous things cannabis is connected with in the testimony of other folks. Their testimony is not considered reliable by the big shots such as the author on the post.

As Mrs. Conaway recalls a friend in the past whose face was filled with scars from having the cancer on his skin cut off. It’s sad to realize the cuts could have been avoided had he known about Rick Simpson Oil. There is not much risk in trying to use the oil topically on cancer. The good news is that a lot of doctors are coming around and while they are not blatantly advocating using marijuana for medicine, they are not so violently against it as in the past.

The magic of RSO is the concentrated THC strength is what stops the cancer cells from replicating and spreading. As the oil works, the growth is slowed to the point of complete eradication of the cancer cells. Do not be deceived by scum who try to tell you that CBD will stop cancer because it simply will not. It’s the concentration of THC that works. The full plant extraction is needed to make the oil. You can make it yourself if you want to control the whole process from seed to final syringe filled with oil. 

As with all natural healing, please be aware the results will take time and diligence. Careful and monitored use. Track down the date, time, amount, source, results in a planner so you can follow your steps if need be. You can share this with others so they can see it’s not helter-skelter medical work. It’s dedicated and deliberate use and tracking that makes it work for the next person in need.  

Mrs. Conaway writes this as an encouragement to reach out and try cannabis as medicine. There is a wealth of information and this is to introduce Rick Simpson Oil to you so that you can watch his video, do a search on your particular ailment and find a way to use it. If that is not possible, perhaps you need a coach and/or just some advice, please let Mrs. Conaway know as she is always ready to help.


Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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