What’s Grandpa Smoking?

Dear Reader, Right off the bat I am going to give you a link here > https://norml.org/blog/2020/10/26/study-seniors-report-using-cannabis-products-to-mitigate-symptoms-associated-with-older-age/ This link is so you can check it out if you like and then come back for my take on it. I am a senior and I’m so far blessed enough to not have any problems so I have not had to use […]

Skin Cancer and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Dear Reader,  In a discussion about skin cancer and attempting to treat it with Rick Simpson Oil, there is a large amount of eye roll. Yes, we are talking about the eye roll of disbelief. Allow Mrs. Conaway to attempt to remove your skepticism. Much has been written and stolen and re-written about Rick Simpson and his fabulous oil. FYI: […]