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If Mrs. Conaway Had Not Preached Against Marijuana

Dear Reader,

At The First …

Her whole life, Mrs. Conaway has avoided doctors. She took steps to avoid them at all costs. Upon her first marriage, a doctor was in that family. He did no wrong and yet he did not inspire the trust and so she avoided them and him.

You see … all through growing up Mrs. Conaway was not exposed to many dangerous things. Doctors and nurses had dangerous needles that they used which was way worse than a spanking from Mom. All this to introduce you to a heavy heart Mrs. Conaway now carries.

She has been blessed to be the mother of 5 now grown people. 4 female and one male. From her own childhood and into theirs, she preached the gospel against drugs. From pot to pills. She never let up. Marijuana was useless. Just look at what happens to those who use it! They are like dumb. They slur, stink and are lazy.

Her children never heard the end of Mrs. Conaway and her outlook on so called fun. When it came to alcohol when she was a young girl at home, her parents scared her with consequences of drugs and not alcohol. So, beer, whisky and wines etc. were very much all right. On into motherhood she accepted these rules as true and good. Words to live by.

As Mrs. Conaway’s children grew up, they also listened to her and avoided drugs but some had alcohol. It was not a problem and still is not with her children. They like to have a good time and as sure as the day is long, she believes her kids partake of some things she’d rather not know about as long as they are safe why nag them? They would not listen now because they are their own “person.”

Mrs. Conaway was born in a time of great tribulation in America as the drug war got underway. It really climaxed during the 1960’s and never really stopped. Instead, it spread to America’s borders and we interfered with other countries as the source of many drugs. How blind we were! Our useless drug war brought more drugs that might never have come without the war!

Because of the never ending losing of this drug war, many folks the same age as Mrs. Conaway also have lived with the demonization of marijuana. It was what we knew. If you are not inclined to take drugs from doctors surely you would not take them from someone who is your peer! Now we are some 40-50 years later and many senior citizens have never even thought of using marijuana for a single thing. Are you crazy? How could it possibly be ok to use the evil weed? It even smells ghastly!

After watching the effects of marijuana on people, it was pretty hard to believe the words they spouted such as “weed- it’s just an herb.” Knowing nothing about the power in herbs of any kind was the reason for lots of doubt. How was Mrs. Conaway to know that some of the most powerful drugs created came from plants?

Mrs. Conaway had the thought last night that it is her fault for misleading the children she bore into the lies perpetrated against humanity when she preached to them to avoid marijuana. She had no real experience with the weed herself but it doesn’t take much to believe what the parents or the government tells you. This is especially true when you are unaware of the weaknesses of the people in government who wield such power they can make or break a law.

In God’s timing, Mrs. Conaway was offered the opportunity to sell an herbal supplement. Because her business venture had recently failed and she was looking for a way to recoup her losses, she signed on the dotted line! To her dismay, Mrs. Conaway found herself promoting the very thing she hated. A marijuana product was in her home and she was baffled and scared. What the hell is she going doing with this? She had no idea what it was for and who in the world could she sell it to?

Making this worse, the ignorance of Mrs. Conaway was almost hilarious at the time. Bravely, confronting everyone she knew with the puny bit of knowledge she had about CBD was made worse when Facebook, the online media giant, refused to run her ads. The poor woman had no idea it was from a Schedule 1 drug because she knew nothing about marijuana and had no idea it was a Schedule 1 drug. All she knew is that it is bad for you and the proof now came in a bottle she could not even promote legally!

So she asked herself what had she done? As per her usual way – Mrs. Conaway set out to investigate the problem of what it was and why it was forbidden to sell there but ok to sell in network marketing. The results of that research are here today. Mrs. Conaway did submit and acquiesce to the power of the cannabis plant as from Almighty God.

The Turn Around

For anyone to make a full 180 degree turn from a former belief to a new one is astounding in itself but to see Mrs. Conaway who had such disgust and tolerance for the plant to now embrace it is miraculous.

What caused such a change? Certainly her kids and family had nothing to do with it. They think she’s crazy anyway.

The change happened in 2 parts. First was physical and second was learning. When Mrs. Conaway was at work one day, she had a car ram into rear van door from a dead stop at a signal. That put her out of work, out on disability and with the worst shoulder pain ever. It went from the base of her left side neck to her shoulder blade but deep within. Not on the outside. Turning her head took great effort from the pain and the chiropractor told her she would have to learn to live with it.

Ok. That is what she did. She learned to do everything with the pain so that it became a part of life. No longer hated but tolerated in every activity of every day for almost 8 years. The push for Mrs. Conaway was learning in the network group what CBD was and what it could do. After working up her nerve to try it (not one bottle sold yet) she was a yellow bellied chicken shaking like a leaf in the wind!

Nothing happened. 3 days later her world blew off it’s top! That pain she’d had for 8 years was gone. And … she later learned it wasn’t even the highest potency of CBD and it worked a miracle! To this day, the pain is gone. All of this to say that, she believes if she had not been such a hard headed woman about marijuana, her child might not be so willing to go along with the doctors and the cancer.

You see, Mrs. Conaway has a child, grown up of course. This child has recently been diagnosed with cancer. This child refuses to listen to her mother, Mrs. Conaway who has two certifications in cannabis health coaching. Perhaps if she had been a doctor her children would have embraced naturopathic medicine instead of hating it. To make things really funny is Mrs. Conaway knows a couple of her kids use really bad drugs but they will not listen to her share the medicinal qualities of cannabis!

The conversation was very tight and limited. The child expounded on the lovely care given so far by the doctors set to make a fortune on cutting out the cancer. One would almost thing the child was looking forward to the great event in the operating room! Hearing nothing but uplifting statements about how well it is all going may be just a cover up for the fear. Cancer changes the world. It is damn near impossible to ever have a normal day. Knowing that this evil is slowly taking your life and you can’t do a thing about it? Yes, you actually can and are you willing? Mrs. Conaway was smacked down with a not interested conversation. Her child is not willing to take control.

Mrs. Conaway has a heart that is breaking each time she realizes that her child might have embraced marijuana and it’s healing properties had she not listened to her mother preaching against it. That makes her feel responsible for the cancer her child has to deal with by using the ones she trusts … the doctors … who Mrs. Conaway has no trust for.

In February of 2018, doctors had the dubious distinction of being the third leading cause of death in America. Marijuana has never been on a death certificate – not ever and yet these criminals are allowed to continue to practice and get paid for it! Sad to say, her child is one of their legion of believers. The child is completely sure of what she is doing. The child has plans for treatment and will follow what the doctors say. The faith in doctors is not unexpected. The lack of faith in Mrs. Conaway – The MOM – is misplaced. Mrs. Conaway wants only the best health for her child so would she jeopardize her child’s health with a useless medicine? A fake medicine? A medicine to eradicate cancer in the human body that fails? No. She would not. It is heartbreaking. No matter how much her children dismiss her good intentions, it still never gets easy to accept.

What changed for Mrs. Conaway was seeing and believing the testimonials of people, the research of medical professionals who turned from their same beliefs as Mrs. Conaway had. Rick Simpson Oil is a highly concentrated oil of the cannabis plant compound known as THC. It can be made at home or you can purchase it ready made. It’s powerful use in combating cancer has made it a highly prized oil. The best part is you can grow your own cannabis and make the oil yourself. You can eliminate cancer in your own body. The proof of Rick Simpson Oil stopping the growth of cancer cells and the recovery of people from auto immune diseases like fibromyalgia, things like autism in kids, or the growth of the myelin sheath in the nerves of multiple sclerosis patients. It is seeing herself heal. It is seeing her blood pressure be in total homeostasis that even the doctors and nurses were shocked at how great it was.

Belief is Powerful

Mrs. Conaway is in prayer at her child’s request to ask God to give wisdom to the doctors who are treating her. Of her own accord, Mrs. Conaway is praying for a miracle to turn her daughter to the plant that will enable her to keep her body parts intact and rid it forever of the hideous cancer. All the proof in the universe cannot change a persons mind until they are almost ready to see God in person. Hopefully Mrs. Conaway will not have to see her child in such a dire strait.

It is Mrs. Conaway’s firm trust and belief in God that gives her such strong belief in the cannabis plant. One does not come without the other. Her child will have it’s wishes adhered to so that the family can get along. The child will get the care desired care and Mrs. Conaway will pray as she has been asked to.

Things are as hopeful as they can be. Many survivors of cancer live on with missing parts. That is just wrong. Mrs. Conaway will continue to work, support and promote any legalization of marijuana for medical use so that others may not suffer like her child is doing managing her cancer. Certainly it is not for sympathy but it needs to known that had she not created the fear of marijuana in her child, her child might be open to trying it as a way to be cancer free with body parts intact.

Across America many seniors are in the same condition as Mrs. Conaway. Enlightenment as to the true nature of the cannabis plant will be taught like the ABC’s are taught, but until then, please share the good medical benefits of marijuana. If you are thinking about trying it, please do not hesitate to learn more. It’s freely available in cannabis groups, events, coaches like Mrs. Conaway and on the internet in cannabis or marijuana searches.

It’s so well known that the medical help from cannabis is so great the United Nations has voted to take it off their drug list too. Now is the time for down and dirty research to get the message and the product so anyone who suffers from the many faces of cancer can now get rid of it for good. FUCK CANCER!

Mrs. Conaway has to keep her lip zipped. Her child clams up when she brings up cannabis and wants to get off the phone rather than hear her out. So be it. The child is an adult and so Mrs. Conaway does as asked because her love for her child compels her to follow the instructions. May God be with you if this is also your struggle.


Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway


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