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It is The Enemy

Dear Reader …

It is the enemy. Cancer is never going away. It is the result of lifestyle habits, diets, inherited poor health management, overindulgence in alcohol and drugs and much more. Our environment is the biggest influencer in our health.
Our longer lifespan contributes to high rates of cancer, so it is time related. This includes a longer exposure to cancer causing carcinogens such as in cigarette or auto exhaust smoke, lack of exercise and internal inflammations.
The list of causes of cancer is growing daily – not diminishing. Worse than that, is the beastly fast way it is shut out of conversation topics. One would suppose you could “catch cancer” just by talking about it.
It isn’t a fun topic but given the rate of growing numbers with cancer in one form or another, it is surprising how little is known.
Even greater is how little is known about the potential treatments for the given cancers.
It is Mrs. Conaway’s goal to agitate you to think about what role you play in the absence of beating cancer and joining the “FUCK CANCER” crowd.
There is not a household in the world where cancer has not taken someone to the grave. That is, unless they live in some remote jungle or island untouched by the last 200 years of civilizations growth.
And yet, this mysterious disease continues to wreck our lives. That very mystery is responsible for the dearth of information that explains its domination of our health.
Mrs. Conaway has heard so many stories concerning the common cold and flu or diabetes and heart disease with minute details included up to the insertion of a syringe! But bring up cancer and the room is silent as a church during service.

What “IT” is

Mrs. Conaway does love a beginning so, let us begin with carcinogenesis. My dear, cancer in its first appearance is a healthy cell transformed into a cancer cell. Right in that moment is where it starts. After exposure to many processes of dividing and bonding, some go on to immortality and will replicate non-stop resulting in a cancerous growth.
That is the start. We pretty much know the ending.
So, how do we manage to live with it? In most cases we ignore it until too late and still ignore it. Our discussions end with what the “doctor says” bits of information because it is too confusing.
Mrs. Conaway highly recommends breaking it down into small one-word pieces and looking up the definitions as this will eliminate some of the mystery. Keep in mind, scientifically a rose is called Rosoideae. Not exactly something you want to stick your nose into and inhale deeply!
Dig into learning about cancer so you can be a savior to the person who dwells in fear. In the lifting of the veil of ignorance, many a sad heart will be made joyful.
Add Cannabis to the Conversation!
Above all, do not hesitate to explore the benefits of what we call the Sacred Plant. It has been around for hundreds of centuries and not always known to be popular for fun but instead for treating pains and aches long before conventional medicine was concocted in a laboratory.
If it is properly discussed – with its cancer reducing properties, it can truly be a part of the regimen that makes life with cancer bearable.

Here are 5 bits of cancer and cannabis trivia

… that will get the conversation going.

One: The cannabinoids in cannabis can slow down the growth of cancer cells and possibly cause death of certain types of cancer cells.
Two: CBD and THC have a different effect on different cancer cells. CBD rich cannabis is more effective in killing cancer cells from leukemia and pediatric brainstem glioma than high THC varieties. (
Three: Rick Simpson Oil does work to kill or stop cancer metastasis and the governing bodies of countries are inhibiting the research in how to most effectively use this popular method to stop cancer.
Four: To prevent the loss of billions of dollars the Big Pharma types will do all they can to prevent you from making your own medicine such as the Rick Simpson Oil to “cure thyself” but you can try. There are many videos and websites to help you along.
Five: Having your medical marijuana as an edible is one of the safest ways to manage your cancer recovery from chemotherapy. The edible is the slowest method but lasts a long time once it gets going. Yes, dear you can eat it and smoke it or vape it. It’s quite user friendly. Imagine having candy, cookies, brownies, teas, butters, etc.?
The greatest antidote to fear is knowledge and you may ask Mrs. Conaway anything you want and you can be assured that if she has not got the answer,
… she knows where to go get it.

Thank you for visiting our website today and come back again soon!

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

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