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How Can You Know The Kind of Weed You Have?

Dear Reader,

Clearly Mrs. Conaway has no idea what weed type she is smoking! However, she did find a website that is very informative and she is going to share it with you newbies … here we go!

But First …

Just to be sure we are all on the same page we must clarify what we are talking about. Cannabis, which is all the latest in pain killing rage, is a plant known as weed-marijuana-ganja-pot, etc. This magnificent plant has 2 names it likes to be known by and they are Sativa and Indica.

In layman parlance, Sativa is the wild child that will make you high as a kite. It also has fantastic colorful names . These names describe the strains and are also indicators of the punch it will pack. Just to name a few – Sour Diesel, Purple Haze, Pineapple Express, Durban Poison, Kush and more. Sativa creates within the “high” outcomes like energy, creativity, productivity and you get the idea.


Next … introducing Indica! Many of you are familiar with Indica as the “Stoner” since, well, you look like stone. This illusory bud gives you the feeling of – as my first trainer called it – “in da couch.”

The Indica strains are equally colorful and actually all the cannabis strains prior to drying out are full of color and they all have distinct odors but that’s another post for next time.



Want to sleep? Chill?

This is the “get out of doing work weed”! It’s to relax and pretty much be incapacitated looking stoned. I’ve noticed it’s a favorite of most users that I’ve known in the past. Mrs. Conaway, (who doesn’t smoke at this time) is going to give this a try for sure!

Back to the topic at hand and that is the fact that if you are fortunate and able to purchase your own marijuana, you will know the strain and what the outcome will be. On the other hand, if you are gifted a bag of ganja and have no idea what you are holding, Mrs. Conaway has a way for you to obtain a pretty acurate guess.

And, Now You Know …

The lovely and informative article Mrs. Conaway found is on a website called and of course she loves the name. It is so fitting! A Guide to Pot … yesssss! In the article Mrs. Conaway spied a lovely word that she intends to make use of as often as possible … Cannasseur! Isn’t that a sweet word to describe your newfound ability to identify the type of strain you may be enjoying? Yes, it is.

How to be a Cannasseur is what we want to know and here it is. Although there are many many variations and strains that will make your eyeballs pop just reading them, the outcomes are one of two. Energetic high or in the couch high. The degree of potency varies and the ability of your health and emotional-spiritual well-being determines how well you cope with it.

For the sake of brevity, Mrs. Conaway is going to insert a few items from for your understanding and learning. My favorite line from is this one … In general, identifying an individual strain of weed will come down to three key things: the look of the weedthe taste of the bud and the feel of the high.

It is so helpful when others who have gone before take the time to provide information for us. Mrs. Conaway will now paraphrase and share what she learned from the article, “Indica, Sativa & Hybrid: Can You Tell What You’re Smoking?” by staff.

We are referring to the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Should you prefer to use it for recreation, Mrs. Conaway is in the dark so you are on your own there.

To use Medical Marijuana for the relief of stress or anxiety and in the case of depression many can experiment with Sativa. We are merely giving you an indication of what it may be used for in case you have no idea. Of course there are many more uses and since you do not want to be reading for a couple of hours here, we will keep it brief.

A few signs of identification that your gifted bud is Sativa or a Sativa-Dominant Hybrid are listed as follows:

1- It can give you an energetic and creative feeling when smoking it.

2- Your thoughts race but you will still feel productive

3- The cannabis will smell sweet, light, fruity or floral

4- Your cannabis may or may not have a citrus like tast

5- Your cannabis will have buds that are light and fluffy

(A bud is the flower that has dried and compacted down and looks like tobacco in the form of a cotton ball. Just in case you don’t know what a bud is.)


We now will cover Indica or Indica-Dominant Hybrid and these are excellent for the some of the same as the Sativa and for more differences that matter. Take Multiple Sclerosis, an Indica is known to help reduce the symptoms that make life unpleasant. You can add more to the list and to be brief I will only mention now that its useful for arthritis, Parkinsons disease, panic attacks and the old devil, chronic pain.

A few signs of identification that your gifted bud is Indica or Indica- Dominant Hybrid are listed as follows:

1- You may notic that your mind might feel clouded and distracted when smoking it

2- It is easy to forget what you are saying or you may lose track of time

3- Your cannabis has a skunky, spicy or pine like smell

4- Your cannabis may or may not have a chocolate like taste or earthy taste

5- Your cannabis buds will be heave and dense

Mrs. Conaway is happy to give you some information that will open the door to learning about cannabis and the strains that are the foundation of the health care she is attempting to provide.

The widespread fear of cannabis is not over. Much progress had been accomplished and yet the outright terror that happens to cross the face of some people is very sad. To know that they are passing up an opportunity to be potentially pain free is heartbreaking. Ignorance is like a huge trap no one can escape from once it’s set in. Of course if you are like Mrs. Conaway and the pain outweighs the risks, you can overcome your fear.

For this reason, Mrs. Conaway went to the expense and training and education to learn more so she could help others who have a morbid fear of cannabis as she herself once had.

Gratitude for this plant cannot be expressed loudly or long enough. Mrs. Conaway is the poster child for hating cannabis and now promoting it’s virtues non-stop for the sake of bringing relief when nothing else can, bringing folks from the brink of addiction to opiates by proper use of cannabis. The good things are lost in the demonization of cannabis but Mrs. Conaway is determined to do her part to enlighten the few willing to listen and give a fair consideration to cannabis.

Please feel free to visit the website, and learn from it. Reinventing the wheel is not Mrs. Conaway’s idea of a good time. They did the work and now she does the sharing. Spread the good news about cannabis. There’s so much more to tell you from knowing what the Endocannabinoid System is to using cannabis in food.

We invite you to stay in touch and follow Mrs. Conaway with her newly minted certification as a Cannabis Health Coach career.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway


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