While everyone is buying CBD oils/tinctures and thinking they are getting certified organic oil, they are sadly mistaken.

Being the reading researcher that I am … I found an article that supported what a new acquaintance told me about farming.

There is a thing called the official USDA seal.

It turns out there is a difference that matters. It’s the difference between hemp cultivation and organic certification. Now this article that I will be using is from CBD HACKER (https://www.cbdhacker.com/why-is-it-so-hard-to-find-usda-certified-organic-cbd/)

One of the companies I came across has a really cool product. Upon discussing marketing with the sales manager, we spoke about the organic made oils. His company partners with one that is a true certified USDA organic farm.

In 1990 Congress passed legal definitions of what is “organic” agriculture. It’s called the ORGANIC FOODS PRODUCTION ACT.  An advisory board came out of that called the National Organic Standards Board. They make organic farming recommendations regarding what substances to use and send it on to the USDA. Finally in 2002, it was set in stone. Here comes the good part …

In order for produce to be labeled organic, it has to meet standards first or it will not be certified. You know the villains as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Much loved by farmers to keep produce from rotting and failing to produce but hated by purists.

Something we didn’t know is at least 70% of packaged foods with more than one ingredient has to be produced organically. And, the 30% not organic still has to follow some rules.

This keeps 3rd party certifiers in business because the USDA doesn’t do the certification. When the 2014 Farm Bill passed, the first hemp farmers working under new pilot programs wanted to have their crop certified organic. Makes perfect sense, right? There’s always problems and in 2016 Robert Hoban of Hoban Law Group, put out an article where he told about one of his clients. Apparently this guy was having problems seeking, obtaining and then losing his organic certification.

This lucky guy had a business, CBDRx that was growing hemp under one of those state pilot programs. They had a legal product because they cooperated with all the machinations of government and got certified completely legally.

Along comes the USDA (2/2016)and tells accredited certifiers (the 3rd party kind) not to certify domestic industrial hemp production!!!

In August 0f 2016 they reversed it. The requirements were that the hemp had to be grown in accordance with the 2014 Farm Bill through a state pilot program.


People don’t know these things because no one tells them. We believe that our stuff is organic if it says so. We believe. Well the facts say otherwise.

From the article, “If a state has legalized hemp cultivation but does not have a pilot program, growers in that state can’t get certified, regardless of their practices.”

Hopefully after the 2018 Farm Bill passing, more domestic hemp farmers will be eligible for organic certification. Unfortunately, no matter how sustainable some are growing their plants, they still won’t qualify.

Who are they”

Growers or handlers who sell less than $5,000 per year aren’t eligible for USDA certification.

What really makes this hard for them and us the buyers is that the applicant cannot have applied any forbidden stuff to the crop in the last 3 years. So, they will be eligible in 2021-2022 for full certification as organic by the USDA.

They have to apply for certification or forget about it.

For our uses, the growers who use organic ways but aren’t certified is probably what we are buying.

Then you also have the scum who lie and really use chemicals.

Why is this so important and such a big deal? Well, we all like to know our food and supplement intake is as prime as we can afford. Without the waiting period, the soil is contaminated and it takes that long to clean up.

Clean up? How does that happen you say? Well, those garbage disgusting chemical fertilizers and pesticides have to go somewhere. That somewhere is the plant itself. It’s going to take tons of water to eliminate the toxins and its going to take lots of things like water, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to grow these awesome amazing life saving plants.

Again, the plant is pulling out the garbage and who is going to throw their money at an oil that comes from a toxic plant no matter how great it is. Well, we are already doing that unless we are fortunate enough to have a source that comes from one of the pilot programs of 2014 or a credible grower who sells their own oil or small private places that do the honorable thing and make small batches that can be verified.

This is about the big players or those who want to play.

If it is important to you, shop carefully and request the Certificate of Analysis known as 3rd party testing. It will verify the facts or claims made as to organic. There are some private accreditation entities out there that will verify if a thing is organic.

Be aware. Be on top of your health.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Conaway

Email: >>> mrs.conaway@losangelesnaturalhealth.com 

Contact: >>> (855) THC-2CBD


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  1. Hi Rebecca. Placed an order. BUT having really hard time finding direct way to PLACE ORDER OR VIEW ITEMS TO PURCHASE. Had only 3 hrs sleep last night & day before. Can’t think properly. Please send me direct link to ORDER PAGE. Keep repeating NEXT. NEXT CANT SEEM TO VIEW ITEMS TO BUY ORDER PAGE. Can’t seem to find shattered page without re-reading everything again. Help. Thks

    1. Hi Jen, once we spoke on the phone and resolved getting you some CBD, I hope that you are doing better now. I did notify you that your samples are on their way as I personally contacted the company to be sure it was good. You will receive that soon.

      Yours truly,
      Mrs. Conaway

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