Vintage Alley Kat post from a few years ago.

Many moons ago Alley Kat decided to go healthy. Her new friend HannaKat had introduced her to alkaline water. The Enagic saga began but this isn’t about water. It’s about a product that involves water and Alley Kat figures that if she thinks it’s helpful to herself then it must also be good for everyone else.

Everyone gets a tongue bath in the alley. You all know that’s how kitties clean up right?

Well, human kats don’t exactly do it that way. No sirree! They waste gallons of water in things called showers and tubs.

Most human kats in the alley use them every day and get mighty dirty… you might even say they get cruddy. Now what is it you mean Alley Kat by calling a tub or shower cruddy? Listen up.

While indulging in a nice hot shower one beautiful sunshiny day, Alley Kat noticed that there had been a huge cruddy bath ring.

She’d never noticed it before and that’s maybe because she took it for granted that it was a dirt ring and every tub or shower experience caused one to appear. This day however, Alley Kat was aware of something new as she began to clean the cruddy ring. It was hard to remove and she had to use lots of klawing and scratching with her delicate paws to remove it.

Why, Alley Kat wondered was it so hard? In fact, for the past six months or so she’d noticed it but ignored it because of so many other new things crowding her mind.

Like a bomb going off in her brain, she recalled a few facts she’d recently learned about lotion and such that kats would smear on their body to make it soft after a good hard scrubbing with those little hard scrubbers that worked best with liquid soap for the shower such as Dove or Avon makes or sells. Since her training as an Arbonne representative had opened her eyes to the gross facts about animal fat based lotions and creams, Alley Kat focused on getting rid of the offending products. Yes, it was crazy but Alley Kat returned all her animal fat base products to Avon and she stopped buying them in the retail stores too.

Getting back to the shower, Alley Kat decided to read the Dove shower soap label and it was incomprehensible. That big word means she didn’t understand a word of what was in her liquid bath soap. But, she could see it left the shower dirty and now her paws were scrubbing so much she’d have to take another shower to clean up! What was the cause? It was the animal fat base in the soap. Once it cooled off it hardened into a bathtub ring. Now everyone has a shower or bathtub ring. How easy it is to clean the bathtub will depend on what you showered with. It took a while to figure out what works and what doesn’t and Alley Kat switched to vegetable and botanical soaps. That was the end of gross cruddy shower rings.

Unfortunately, for Alley Kat, it became very expensive. It is so cheap to produce animal fat based products because there is a market for them.

She fumed at the way these dangerous products are marketed to clean you up when all they are doing is swathing you in animal fat. Lucky for the old kat, there is a store in the Big Alley called the 99 cents store.

Wandering through the aisles looking for deals one day, Alley Kat came upon the greatest soap ever. There are lots of cool soaps in this place but she chose Venezia Soapworks Pure Vegetable Soap AND it’s made in the good ol’ US of A! It just doesn’t get any more patriotically better than this!

By the way, a small footnote of news for you. On top of all the discovery Alley Kat made, she also noticed that using those little cheapie plastic body scrubbers was making her fur awfully dry. When that happens who doesn’t slather lots of lotion on? Everyone does.

It’s like a swindle because first you scrub with an animal fat loaded soap using a cheap body scrubber making your fur totally dry…why?

Because then you have just removed your protective skin layer of epidermis and now you will expose it to all the dangers in the air and water including the dirty animal fat which contains toxins fed to the animals where the fat came from in the first place! Whew! Deep breath, Alley Kat … you’re going to keel over because you get so overworked.

What to do… what to do? Ever notice that when you go to some of the dirtiest places in the alley and get dirty paws what do you do? You simply use whatever soap is available and rub it into a lather and rinse. What’s missing? That cheapie plastic scrunch scrubber, that’s what. Your paws may be dry but only because you may have just put some caustic material on them like motor oil or some such thing. You don’t scrub the skin off and that should be a lesson to you not to scrub your poor body to bits. Give it a try. Buy some nice vegetable base soap and just work up a lather with your paws and smooth it over your body and rinse. Let the shampoo (non-fat) and hair conditioner (non-fat) make your body soft too.

Pretty soon you will have a beautiful protective layer of skin undamaged by chemicals and animal fats and you should have a very limited (or even none at all) itch. Let me know how it goes for you. Have fun hopping from trashcan to trashcan today! Meowwww!

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